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‘Trumpo Right Again’ Obama Chastises NATO to Pay Up

What is it about Trump that he always seems to hit the proverbial nail on the head? Our lame duck president took another trip to Europe for a visit with the NATO Alliance only to tell them what Donald Trump has been saying since April of this year. The President chided the many members of the alliance for not paying their fair share of the cost of running NATO. Each of the members is supposed to meet the target of spending two percent of their gross domestic product on defense. Only five of the 28 members have met that requirement. They are the U.S., the United Kingdom, Greece (which is pretty much bankrupt), Estonia and Poland.

Why anyone even reads a liberal newspaper anymore is beyond me since the only thing they are good for is the funnies and the crossword puzzle. When Trump made his remarks there were but a few media sources that praised the fact that he even brought the subject up since none of the other candidates had the common sense to do it. It was the George H. W. Bush and Bill Clinton administrations that strongly discouraged an independent European security alliance and as a result most European countries decided to cut defense expenditures. If NATO was a force to be reckoned with, we would not have seen such an aggressive policy by Russia in Syria.

It’s time for the liberal media moguls to eat their words as once again Donald Trump brought out a problem that has been festering for a long time and Obama. Leading again from behind, our follow-the-leader president, decided to reacquaint the NATO Alliance with the rules of the game. I assure you that Mr. Trump will get no credit for the Obama chastisement of NATO even though he should.

It seems that Mr. Trump has and continues to be a disturbing factor in the political arena and has actually been a breath of fresh air for his bluntness and honesty of the problems America faces. Maybe it’s time we all listened a little a little harder to what he says and become a little less critical of his rough edges. Obama hid his rough edges during his campaigns, but after 7 ½ years we have seen how destructive he has been to our country. Thank you but no more phonies for me, and that is what we will get if Hillary is elected.

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