Trump – ‘the Mother of All Presidents’

Remember the date April 13, 2017. That was the day Trump won his re-election campaign. That was the day he dropped MOAB- the “Mother Of All Bombs” on ISIS’s head. Over 21,000 pounds of pure hell.

What’s the last thing those bloodthirsty, murdering radical Muslim terrorists thought before the biggest bomb in the history of the world fell on their heads? “TRUMP!”

Who knew? It turns out “MAGA” stands for “Make Afghanistan Great Again.”

“The mother of all bombs” was a message sent to ISIS, Iran and North Korea. It was sent to every country in the world with thoughts of threatening America. The message is “America is back. Don’t mess with Trump.”

But it was also a message sent to Americans. Almost every friend I have in this world called, texted or emailed to say how proud they felt. The callers to my national radio show responded the same way. Multiple retired Army and Marine Colonels were guests on my show. They spoke of how the military men and women of America are bursting with pride.

The greatest military in world history is back. Trump just put the military commanders in charge of decisions again- not lawyers, or politicians. Patriots are not just cheering; they are giving a STANDING OVATION.

Back in this column two weeks ago I told you Trump was winning. I reported that Democrats were delusional. They’d convinced themselves Trump was losing. That he was already a “lame duck president.” A leading Democrat actually said that on a Sunday morning political show.

Trump is just smarter than his critics. Smarter than his Democrat opposition. Smarter than the establishment GOP. Smarter than ISIS, or the crazy fat boy that runs North Korea. Trump outplayed them all with one loud KABOOM. Trump’s approval rating is trending up like a bullet. That was before Trump dropped the mother of all bombs on top of ISIS’s head. That was before the average voter understands that Trump did exactly what he promised during the campaign. He said, “I’m going to bomb the sh—t out of ISIS.” American voters loved that simple strategy.

Well don’t look now, but Trump just did it.

That was before the average voter realized that Trump masterfully won a delicate and complex negotiation with China. Few realize what just happened (yet). Trump’s critics complained he flip-flopped about China’s currency manipulation.

So why did Trump publicly reverse his opinion? Because North Korea is a far bigger threat right now than trade wars. Trump needed to deal with a madman threatening nuclear annihilation first. Trump agreed to no longer label China as a currency manipulator, in return for China agreeing to take America’s side versus Kim Jong-un in North Korea. Masterful.

And that MOAB—”mother of all bombs”—was not only aimed to destroy the morale of ISIS. It was aimed right at the psyche of North Korea’s crazy dictator. Trump just slapped around Kim Jong-un the same way that my hero Ronald Reagan slapped around Libya’s madman dictator Muammar Gaddafi. Reagan bombed the personal residence of Gaddafi in 1986 to punish him for a terrorist bombing.

Gaddafi and his family ran for their lives. Gaddafi called Reagan “a madman.” But Gaddafi got the message loud and clear. He never messed with America again. He actually became a quiet friendly pet rock for the rest of his life. America never heard from Gaddafi again.

Soon we’ll find out if North Korea’s madman dictator got the message. If not, you can bet he’ll be hearing from Trump again soon. And when he does, the last thing he may think before the bomb lands on his residence will be, “TRUMP!”

Soon Trump may be “Making North Korea Great Again.”

Sorry liberal Trump critics. Trump is on his way to re-election. You have no idea what you’re up against. Trump is “the Mother of All Presidents.”

Gem State Patriot News