Trump Economy, Miss America, Liberal Self Destruction

I love reporting from Trumpland (aka the USA). One thing is certain. Life is never dull around President Trump. This is the greatest time to be alive for comedians, radio and TV talk show hosts and columnists. I’ve got it made!

First to the economy. My last column reported on “the Trump Miracle.” The U.S. economy is booming, jobs are plentiful, and they aren’t the crappy low-wage, part-time jobs of Obama’s era. Trump’s economy produces high-quality, full-time jobs for middle-class Americans. Glory Hallelujah. That’s why I recommended Trump should be awarded the Nobel Prize for Economics.

But all of that was BEFORE the Atlanta Fed came out with second-quarter GDP predictions. They are projecting 4.8% GDP. We haven’t seen numbers like that since Reagan. Think about this for a moment. Assuming the Fed is correct (or even close) that means Trump has produced 3.8% unemployment and 4.8% GDP. That could be the first time in history GDP is higher than unemployment.

For most of Obama’s presidency, unemployment was around 7% to 10%…while GDP was 1%. Embarrassing. I called it “The Obama Great Depression.” Obama buried us under $10 trillion in new debt to produce the worst GDP numbers in history.

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But even Reagan couldn’t pull off this Trump magic act. In 1988 Reagan produced GDP of 4.1% and unemployment of 5.5%. Economists called that a miracle. Reagan saved America with those numbers. But you’ll notice GDP was still lower than unemployment- even in booming economic glory days. That was considered the greatest economic expansion in world history.

I repeat. Trump should get the Nobel Prize for Economics.

Next topic. London is in the middle of a knife and acid attack epidemic. Gun control isn’t working so well, huh? A UK judge is recommending duller knives. I’m not kidding. Maybe UK should examine its ignorant immigration policies. UK desperately needs a British version of Donald Trump and extreme vetting policies, not duller knives.

I know facts scare liberals, but here are more gun control facts. Over 1000 Americans have been shot so far this year in Chicago, in a city with the strictest gun control in the USA. Proof positive guns don’t kill people, idiotic liberal thinking kills people.

Cancun, Mexico just reported 50 murders in May, the second deadliest month in history. Only surpassed by April. Mexico also has strict gun control. Honest, law-abiding citizens can’t get guns. The result is they are sitting ducks in a shooting gallery. More proof of gun control failure. More reasons to build the Trump Wall with Mexico.

Speaking of liberal idiocy, the Miss America Pageant is dead. It was self-inflicted suicide. They’re even more clueless than the NFL. Miss America just announced the contest will no longer be based on beauty. They want Miss America’s crown to be based on liberal ideas like “diversity, inclusion, social causes and social impact initiatives.” No more bathing suits, no more evening gowns. Now they will wear attire that makes them “feel confident based on their personal style.”

In other words, unattractive women, comfortable shoes, pantsuits and zero sex appeal. We tried that already. Hillary lost the election.

All kidding aside, that’s not a beauty contest. As a matter of fact, that’s not a contest anyone will pay to attend. Or watch. Miss America is dead. If they want women to be judged based on brains instead of beauty, apply to Vassar. Which is fine. But don’t call it a beauty pageant.

Now before you go calling me a chauvinist, understand this goes both ways. Screaming women at bachelorette parties don’t stuff dollar bills in the G-Strings of Chippendales dancers if they’re ugly, pale, skinny nerds. With smart nerds instead of hunks, all you have is Harvard. No one pays to watch nerds from Harvard dance in a G-string.

Remove the standard that male strippers need to be muscular, handsome, sexy hunks and no one will show up for your shows. This kind of common sense evades liberals.

All of this proves two key points:

Trump has saved the US economy from liberal idiocy, ignorance and mental illness.

Liberals ruin whatever they touch- whether its cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore, or Miss America.

Wayne Allyn Root ( is host of the nationally-syndicated “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show.” Listen from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now and watch at 5 PM on Newsmax TV- now on DirecTV and Dish. His R-J columns run Thursdays and Sundays.

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