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Trump is a Default Third Party Candidate

The promotion by Glenn Beck and others pushing Evan McMullin as an independent candidate is about as unrealistic as you can get. Beck is still upset with Trump for not acknowledging him and appearing on his program. When you look at things in perspective, isn’t Trump a default third party candidate? He is only recently a republican who was once a democrat. He defeated all of the establishment Republican candidates in the primaries. He is not supported by the republican elite, career politicians or corporate America. He is not aligned with Wall Street or the liberal media. Most of his biggest donors are middle class individuals not part of the republican money machine. Yes he has picked up a few large donors late in the election, but that’s because they want to be on the right side when this is over. Trump is a populist who is leading a political movement like we have never seen in modern times. He is not a politician but an independent businessman, the same businessmen who founded this country. He is what the people of America have been looking for, a change agent who can bring this country back to greatness. Trump is the epitome of an independent using a republican moniker.

He is not a true republican, but a republican reformer who believes in conservative values and knows how corrupt government has become when aligned with corporate America. He has lived through the corruption all his life greasing the palms of every politician he needed to get approval from to put up a building or get a zoning change done. He does not like the changes he has seen take place in our country. Just look at the issues he has brought into this campaign. Stopping illegal immigration, cutting government regulations, eliminating political corruption, renegotiating bad trade agreements, stop the killing of unborn babies, bringing jobs back to American workers. These are not establishment traits or goals they are independent traits. This is why the establishment has been fighting him tooth and nail. This is why I believe that McMullin is a shill for the establishment running as a spoiler and nothing more.

When Trump is elected I believe we will see a changed republican party. The old elite establishment who did not back Trump may find it difficult getting reelected without his backing, which could make for some significant changes in the 2018 elections. The silent majority is awake and many of the crony establishment will be voted out, not just in Washington, but at the state level because people want change. Trump will accomplished many of his goals in the first two years because he is a good negotiator and because his election will be a mandate from the people of America for Change. We have waited 28 years since Ronald Reagan for someone like him to come along, so let’s make sure he gets elected and stays in office long enough to “Make America Great Again.”

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