Trump gets all the Christmas gifts this year — the Deep State and Mueller get the coal

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Trump continues to win in every way and so does America, so snap out of any fear for Trump and our country. Don’t ever forget that truth does prevail, especially when God is at the helm. Mueller and his team have given Trump a generous supply of gifts for Christmas attempting to smear, lie, destroy and keep him from being reelected. But of course, that has never been enough for Mueller to discredit and destroy but to build a case to arrest Trump ‘someday and some way.’ This, of course, would set the path for impeachment until arrest can happen. Pelosi, Waters and their sold-out Trump hating hoard want only impeachment and a whole lot of botox and Wine… much Wine.

We watch what has happened to General Flynn – perjury trap and Coen – rat, liar and sell out who deserves to go down. Mueller and his Trump hating team have been very busy ruining lives while continuing to target more all the time. They are demanding that their growing list of victims lie and play make-believe, such as with journalist Jerri Corsi, who has stood his ground and courageously bit back. I know Jerri and interviewed him on my national radio show for 15 years. I only saw honesty, courage, guts, and love for God and country flow out of him. All I can say is this. Mueller attacked the wrong guy when he falsely went after Corsi. Now, Mueller has a tidal wave coming back at him. Go, Jerri.

While you are enjoying this Christmas season, put Mueller and his sold out, pro-Hillary thugs back into perspective. How about a little ‘Reality Therapy.’ Together let us stick our needles into the 10-story Mueller – Evil Clown doll marching toward us all. There, there… we see it. Now listen to the stinky wind soaring wind rushing out of the holes. I do believe Mueller is sinking down to his real size. Now, for those with eyesight challenges, please pass out the magnifying glasses to all so that you can see the very important and powerful Mueller for who he really is. What!? Did I see a mouse just swallow him before mini Mueller rolled down the gutter? That is so awkward and looks a tinge messy.

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No matter what the flavor of the week fake news lie is thrown out through the ‘enslaved and sold out media’ Trump is soaring, his ratings are high, mega stuff for America continues to get done while Mueller and the Obama deep state meltdown and stick to the bottoms of our shoes.

The Deep State cabal plaguing our country today is no less than the NAZI party in arrogance, evil and power addiction. Todays’ deep state and its rotten to the core leaders reveal themselves with their desperation for power and deadly agenda. Their blame game and weapons are pointed at Jews, Christians, Conservatives and Trump supporters. They dream of controlling and flattening us.

How many of the attention seeking Dems scream the following: Get rid of ICE, they are like Nazis’ Protect abortion at all costs – it’s about women’s rights you know; Forget the pathetic baby’s rights; Open the borders and forget about our sovereignty; Don’t be racists, let illegal aliens vote and look the other way; Continue to raise taxes and give all free health care, home and food money – naturally that includes those here illegally; Stop supporting Israel and do more deals with radical Islamics; Of course the cherry on top is when the illegals end up in prison we all pay for it.

Just like Hitler and the NAZI party, the Deep state DEMS pretend they have the high ground, only protecting the rights of our citizens and daring to bravely protect us from harm – You know the harm of Jews, Christians, and Trump supporters. How dare we think there is right and wrong, good and evil, God and Satan. How dare we put God first again and America at the front not the last.

Obama was the deep state ‘I’m sorry for America’ President. Trump is the God-sent ‘I will undo the damage, build back our economy, energy systems, military, border strength, moral heritage, and opportunity President. He has his hand in God’s and in prayer and has no fear. Mueller and the Deep State cabal are the ones who should be very afraid. You deep state thugs are deep all right, real Americans have thrown you ‘deep’ into space since you want to control so much… now breath that.

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