Trucker Convoys

Anyone not aware of the trucker convoy in Canada must have spent the past week hiding under a log. The convoy left Vancouver, Canada headed to Ottawa, the capital of Canada. The truckers arrived last weekend.

The truckers hope to be able to visit with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and to convince the government to end the mask mandates and the mandatory vaccine requirement adopted by the country and many businesses. These truckers are vital to deliver the goods used throughout Canada.

The Prime Minister has hidden himself away, saying that one of his kids had covid. He has refused to meet with them or have any of his staff meet with them. He insists that this is only a small fringe group and most Canadians do not support the convoy.

All he would have to do is watch some of the videos posted online and see the thousands of folk along the way in support of the convoy. When the convoy has passed under bridges there were hundreds on the bridge in support of the freedom movement. Not only that, but all along the route there were multitudes of Canadians in support of this freedom movement. The Prime Minister is totally out of touch with most Canadians.

The truckers have said that they will stay there until their goal of ending the mandates is met. The mayor of the town called several towing companies to have them remove the trucks, but the companies all said they could not come as they had covid.

What these truckers need to understand is that none of this had anything to do with health. This health “emergency” was just a convenient opportunity to exercise the control that they wanted to exercise. That being the case they will have no reason to meet with the truckers; they do not want to give up any of the power this pandemic has given to them.

So, the government of Canada knows that these truckers all have families and some of these families depend on the truckers for survival. Not only that, but some of these truckers have contracts to haul groceries and other products and they will be anxious to get back to work. So, one by one they will peel off and return home. All the government will have to do is simply wait them out.

So, what will happen if the government or the truckers get tired of waiting? The government has even considered bringing in the army to remove these truckers. If it comes to that then this demonstration will become violent, with one side blaming the other. And some will get hurt.

Some will have to make sacrifices to be successful. Maybe some members of the Parliament will stand with them and demand that they be heard. That would help. But the big thing is going to be that with organized governmental tyranny the government is not going to give up its power without a fight.

Now we learn that a similar group is organizing to go from California to Washington DC. They have plans to begin on March 1, with one group starting in the North and another group starting from the South. They have already raised several million dollars, and have at least 110,000 truckers signed up to join them.

Regardless of whether you happen to agree with their approach or not you have to see that this could be a small crack in the dike that the government is holding over the people. Americans and Canadians have cut their historical teeth on freedom. In both countries those freedoms have been gradually taken away. These events have been so slow that few have even noticed them. But ultimately they see how these measures have violated the U.S. Constitution.

America was born free, but it takes vigilance to remain free. Maybe this trucker movement will be the beginning of something great.

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