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Traitor Joe Shopping for Acceptance in Idaho while Selling the Vaccine

One has to wonder what is behind the government’s big push to get everyone vaccinated. We know that the vaccine is not effective in stopping the transmission of this virus and that the only people who are in real jeopardy are those over 70 with comorbid conditions. So why aren’t we protecting the most vulnerable instead of requiring everyone to become vaccinated. There has to be more to this and many are saying it is the government getting compliance from the populace and it has nothing to do with protecting people with the vaccine.

Could this be the second coming of the Third Reich with President Adolph Biden running the show with his executive orders? Or has he gone overboard with this order as many Americans are asking themselves why they voted for this man who does not appear to have all of his faculties. To say the least his executive orders have put terror in the hearts of conservative Americans along with many who have come here from foreign countries and have lived under oppression for most of their lives. Many can’t believe they are seeing a rerun of their past experience with dictators and despots. If he keeps up with his executive orders we may actually see a drop in immigrants trying to cross our southern border but then they are coming from such oppressive circumstance it is doubtful we will see much of a slowdown.

In a recently released video by the Gravitas news organization here they claim Pfizer was blackmailing South American countries into indemnifying them from being liable for any bad effects that may come from the covid vaccine and considered negligence on their part. See it here before it is taken down.

If they are willing to blackmail a foreign government what aren’t these drug companies capable of? It was shocking that they were asking that these South American governments guarantee Pfizer could not be held liable for any adverse effects from their vaccines. In fact as part of their indemnification they were asking these countries to put up collateral in the form of cash, their foreign military bases and even their Embassy’s as collateral in return for selling them their vaccine. Just what could it be that these drug company are so worried about that they would be liable for and need indemnification? They say the vaccine is safe, the government says the vaccine is safe and Dr. Fauchi says the vaccine is safe so why do they need collateral to indemnify themselves from litigation for problems caused by this safe vaccine.

Consider this, by January 22, 2021, 186 deaths had been reported after COVID-19 vaccinations which is more than enough to reach the mortality signal of concern. Why is it that many doctors are seeing an array of neurologic syndromes in people who’ve been vaccinated, with symptoms including blindness, paralysis, difficulty swallowing, headaches, ringing in the ears, myocarditis and more. There are many doctors who believe if the proper safety boards had been in place, the COVID-19 vaccine program would have been shut down in February 2021 based on safety and risk of death. Is this why Pfizer is asking for governments to indemnify them from any legal liabilities that are developing from their covid vaccine?

Meanwhile back in Washington Joe Biden America’s new dictator has mandated that employers of 100 employees or more will mandate their employees be vaccinated or face penalties. So while Joey B mandates that 80 million employees must be vaccinated he allows hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants to cross our southern border carrying the covid virus. Than at taxpayer expense our government has them than carted off on busses to towns and cities around our country. So where is our Governor in all of this mess? You know the one who would not stop employer mandates to get vaccinated or get fired. Here are Governor Little’s comments on the federal mandates. “Today’s actions from President Biden amount to government overreach. Government should stay out of decisions involving employers and their employees as much as possible. I’ve advocated for and championed fewer government regulations and mandates on business.”

Governor Little considers the mandates overreach by the federal government but his state of emergency orders he imposed are just fine and keeping them in effect for over a year is also ok. These employers are mandating that all their employees take this EUA vaccine and have no liability at all for any adverse effects. Little says he advocated for fewer government regulations and mandates on business yet he ordered certain businesses to close while allowing others he considered essential to stay open. Is this not the ultimate interference in a business when you order them to close their doors and commit economic suicide? Someone needs to wake this man up as he is beginning to sound a lot like Joey Biden.

We understand that Speaker Bedke is now considering calling back the legislature for a special session with a defined objective to pass a narrow piece of legislation which would stop these mandates as long as he can clearly see that there will be 36 house votes and 18 Senate votes in favor of this legislation. Is it possible that the governor and the speaker were caught in a “Catch 22” criticizing the president for demanding mandates while allowing employers to mandate vaccines to their employees in their own state? Hummm that would not be wise with the upcoming election next year.

If anyone thinks Joey is coming here to talk about controlling wildfires you’re a complete idiot. This man had 8 years with Obama to do something about wild fires and didn’t lift a finger. All we got from Smokin Joe was a lot of lip service and burnt up forests. Idahoans should be curious to see just how our Governor greets Joey Biden when he arrives in Boise because you can bet there is not a true conservative in Idaho who wants to see his face in our state. We would make a bet that our liberal Boise Mayor will certainly be on hand to greet Joey and hand him the keys to the city as she is doing her best to follow his lead with her mask mandates and her attempts to turn Idaho Blue.

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Biden is a Front Boy for the Illuminati.

Maybe the communist Mayor will get on the plane with him and go to California to stay?

Let’s hope he poops on the plane and stays on the plane because we do not want anything to do with him here in Idaho.

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