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Too Many Attorneys in our Washington D.C. Legislature

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I’ve been wondering for some time why is our country in such a mess politically and I think l have found at least a partial answer to the question. I did a little research and found out that most of our members of Congress and the Senate are former graduates of “Law Schools” and many were practicing attorneys prior to running for office.

It takes a lot of money to run for a congressional or senate seat and it seems that attorneys by far have the most friends in high places with the big money to back up the costs associated with running a successful campaign. It is also a fact that more than half the members of our House and Senate are millionaires. Amongst industrialized nations, the U.S. has the highest share of lawyers in our legislature. We also have the highest share of income going to the top 1%. The higher the share of lawyers in a national legislature the more unequal the society. So much for being represented by the common citizen who lives next door. If you don’t have the money to run a campaign yourself, you had better have a lot of friends with a lot of money to support you.

Lawyers know lots of rich people and therefore have a distinct advantage in raising the funds necessary to launch and sustain a successful campaign. It stands to reason if you get a lot of money from these rich friends then you will be interested and focused on supporting their interests which are not necessarily in sync with the average Americans. Of all the professions, attorneys, especially those from elite law schools, are best positioned to do this. That’s because they are more than likely to be rich themselves but also connected to other rich people. If you wonder, why the common American worker is underrepresented it is simply because there are very few blue-collar workers who actually can afford to run for office and win. I often talk about the Uni-Party, and many don’t understand what I’m talking about. These are the elites that we have chosen time and again to represent the interests of their donors instead of the voters. So, the next time a politician tells you he is for the people just look at who donated the most money to his last campaign and you will find out where his allegiances are.

Just for kicks we took a look at our own representatives from Idaho Crapo, Risch, Simpson, and Fulcher, and found that both of our Senators are law school graduates while Congressman Simpson is a former dentist and Fulcher is a former engineer and businessman who worked in technology.

Looking at how these four stack up financially, Risch is by far the wealthiest with an estimated $50 million with Simpson next with an estimated $2 million. Crapo comes in third with about $1 million and Russ Fulcher brings up the rear with less than $1 million. While all of our representatives say they are conservative, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so they say.

When we look at our two senators the vote that stands out like a sore thumb is they both voted for the $1 trillion-plus infrastructure bill which was padded with more pork than a roast pig at a Hawaiian Luau. Then there is of course Congressman Simpson’s proposal to use $33.5 billion to breach the dams on the Snake River which would decimate western Idaho’s economy, but then Simpson’s congressional district is in eastern Idaho which would not be affected. Congressman Simpson was also one of the twenty Republicans who voted with the Democrats against fining Adam Shiff for his misstatements during Trump’s impeachment hearings.

In our opinion, we only have one conservative in our congressional delegation from Idaho and that is Russ Fulcher who is in his third term as a representative from Idaho’s District 1 and a member of the Congressional Freedom Caucus. For our money the only member of Idaho’s congressional delegation that actually is a conservative and represents the working people of Idaho is Congressman Russ Fulcher while the other three are members of the new Uni-Party. If Idahoans want a more conservative government, they can start by giving a lot of thought in the next election to finding new people to represent them in the Senate and in the 2nd congressional district.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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7 replies on “Too Many Attorneys in our Washington D.C. Legislature”

I agree with the premise of your article, but it is the money and contacts themselves that are problematic. Brad Little is not a lawyer, but his access to the monied interests—IACI/IMA/IHA gives him control over the “people’s business”. When the role of a legislator becomes one of being an “ombudsman or agent for a special interest” then the people lose faith in the process and those they have elected. The same thing happens in local government when city fathers do the bidding of developers and the symbiotic relationship between business and government places citizens in a position of “supplicant”

The timeline of how we got in this mess from 1514 to now is an interesting read

I’m pleased to see that in your first paragraph you put “law schools” in quote marks.

Neither did they attend law schools nor are any of them lawyers. In fact, there’s not been one lawyer in the Constitutional Republic’s “justice” system since the inception of the Constitutional Republic.

We’re informed in Isaiah 33:22 & James 4:12 that there’s only One lawgiver. Thus, only the Lawgiver’s law is true law, and only those representing the Lawgiver’s law are true *law*yers.

See Ezra 7:10, for example.

Everyone else is merely a legaler.

For more, see blog article “Lawyers vs. Legalers” at

Getting the electronics out of our voting is the first great step. With the Halderman report out and so much proof that they are vulnerable to hacking, even having an owner of ES&E testifying that “all electronics, are vulnerable to hacking”, we must go back to hand counts, paper ballots. Then who ever we put in office, will be the people’s choice. Elections, not selections.

Yes, you are so correct. I have worked the polls many times of late…..I know the machines are corrupt….and they refuse to do anything about it. Why would they, they are the beneficiaries!

Simpson one of 20 RINOs that voted NOT to censure Adam Schiff, along with so many of his left wing votes. Fulcher better but bailed on joining other Republicans trying to hold McCarthy to conservative principles after taking the majority.
Risch and Crapo were two we could not vote for when up for re-election. Now sending out emails about forest health and public lands. Important, maybe but what about border, debt, Ukraine endless wars, China, etc.
We need a big change!

As long as we have a campaign system where the politicians need someone else’s money to run, whoever donates the most, gets what they want. We need a campaign system where someone running for office cannot spend any money. A debate system would be one way. This way the only ones the winner would have to pay back, are the ones who voted them into office.

Some have said the federal government should pay for the campaigns, but who decides who gets the money, and some people would campaign just to promote their company.

I am open to any suggestions of how to have campaigns without spending any money, but AS LONG AS MONEY IS NEEDED TO CAMPAIGN, THE WEALTHY WILL OWN THE POLITICIANS.

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