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A Toast to Donald Trump

President Donald Trump has condemned racism, white supremacy, bigotry, sexism, “and all and any forms of hatred” more than any other President in history. And anyone who desires can prove it. Like Abraham Lincoln and unlike most modern day politicians President Trump renounced all forms of hatred before he ever entered into politics. Unlike Lincoln, Mr. Trump came to the renunciation party early on. In the years from 1848-1852 Lincoln is said to have struggled not with the morality of human bondage, but with reality of emancipation. Trump never equivocated about racism dating back almost 20 years before he went into politics. And that is important because he renounced racism and bigotry before he was trying to coerce a constituency into voting for him. He simply did this because it was right.

I would like to discuss briefly the process by which I came to this conclusion because it was very enlightening to me. Last night I was listening to one of my favorite radio personalities Jim Bohannan. He had on a guest that stated that Mr. Trump was having difficulty renouncing racism and bigotry. I immediately got out of bed and GOOGLED “Trump racism and white supremacy”. Much to my surprise there were hundreds of citations—mostly media articles repeating that very argument over and over and over again.

Within the 1st hundred articles, they cited each other over 20 times. It was a media echo chamber. They repeat what they hear and do no research of their own. Just like Savanah Guthrie again demanding for Trump to renounce white racism and the Klan—When did you stop beating your wife”. An implication to the media even if it isn’t based on fact puts the issue in people’s minds and is a form of calumnae because the bases for the declaration is based on similar suppositions also reported by sources that also didn’t do their homework. James Robbins on October 2n in a USA today Web article does an excellent job of showing how during his entire Presidency Mr. Trump has condemned racism.

After Charlottesville, he used strong words. Included in the renunciation are the words “I unequivocally renounce white supremacists and neo Nazis”. Has Joe Bidden ever used similar language when renouncing ANTIFA and BLM? Has he ever been asked to renounce these groups with their hateful etiologies that are just as bigoted and racist as those of the KKK—also renounced on at least 3 separate occasions by our President?

There are interviews dating back to the early 2000’s—documented on YouTube with Mr. Trump renouncing Racism. In his acceptance speeches at both Republican Conventions he has renounced racism and bigotry and the LGBT community should read his words about supporting their lives in his 1st inaugural speech. Our President has renounced racism, bigotry, xenophobia, and anti-Semitism in every one of his State of The Union Messages. Why did Mike Wallace and Savanah Guthrie fail to acknowledge these well documented instances? Because they are more interested in a narrative that is part of a political agenda that has subjugated these communities and made them subservient to a political party that has taken them for granted for 60 years.

President Trump has done more for the Black’s living on the margins—actually all people living on the margins including Hispanics and whites, than any of his predecessors. Almost a year ago I visited Central State University and Wilberforce University in Southern Ohio. I had lunch with several Professors at these HISTORICALLY BLACK COLLEGES. They enthusiastically told me stories about how the Trump administration had helped their universities and communities—much more so than the Obama/Bidden years. All had voted for Obama and most for HRC, but with the exception of 2—out of 5 or 6 all were going to vote for Mr. Trump.

An economics professor even made this statement: “I was so proud to support the 1st Black President, but I came to realize that supporting anybody or cause because of their skin color is itself a form of racism” That could also be said of white supremacists. He also mentioned that Blacks are enjoying the lowest unemployment rate since WWII—this was pre-Covid. One other point he mentioned was that the slow demise of the Black family coincided with the demise of the Black Colleges and Cotillions and neighborhood social organizations. As people were being more able to find work in Southern Ohio, men were coming back into the homes and Black families were becoming more the norm—prior to The Great Society programs of the mid 60’s 70% of Black children were born into a family with a mother and a father in the home. At the end of the Obama years, that number had dropped to 30%. Finally, this professor said to me that left to its own devices and given the opportunities that the Trump administration has provided, that the prospect and hope for prosperity in minority communities has never been better.

The following morning I met with a minister of a Black Church in Columbus Ohio. He made this very profound statement to me. “They tell us they really care for us then they subsidize the building of Planned Parenthood and abortion clinics in our neighborhoods, so they can kill our children”

Who are the real racists? Those facilitating dependency and subservience for political gain or those offering opportunity and self-reliance. Who has come out on top the most over the past 4 years—those rioting in our streets carrying ANTIFA and BLM banners or those back schools like Wilberforce, Central State, Grambling—any place where one can get an education that will provide for increasing their own value in terms of human capital and making the world better for others. College majors that point to a life or community organizing are worthless.

So to the Savanah Guthrie’s, Mike Wallace’s and Jake Tappers, of the world. To the Washington Post and New York Times and the mainstream media.

“I offer a toast To The Ivory Coast Who stinketh the most” The least you can do is tell the truth—maybe that is beyond your own myopia.

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