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They found Ammon Bundy

The latest Idaho, and now Utah news-cycle is once again about Ammon Bundy, Did you know Mr. Bundy was the number one news topic in Idaho for 2 years running. Recently, some “investigative journalists” claimed they found Bundy and his family somewhere in Southern Utah. That does not seem too hard, Bundy has not been trying to hide. At any time, just about anyone could find him. He put together a heavy-duty mechanic truck and has been servicing commercial vehicles all over Southern Utah. I guess he has a skill for that.

Point being, he can be seen all over and does not seem to be hiding. Instead it seems like he is working and trying to provide for his family. The Salt Lake Tribune wrote an article about him being “escaping to Utah”, I guess the comments were terrible towards him. Not surprisingly, Salt Lake has become a liberal infestation of filth. Ammon Bundy responded to the comments with this:

“Ammon Bundy here. Does anyone reading The Salt Lake Tribune believe in freedom? The comments are not very convincing. Let’s see, in Nevada, at my father’s ranch, I stood with my family because government bureaucrats were trying to turn my father’s 150 year old deeded rights into a licensed privilege owned by a government agency. Then in Oregon we defended another ranching family that was attacked by the same government bureaucrats for using the rights they had owned for multiple generations. The bureaucrats were claiming them too. For opposing Covid, I was arrested 9 times. I would not comply with mask and lockdown mandates. Just a bunch of garbage! Never once did I harm or hurt anyone. I can’t say the same for the government agents involved.

Also, don’t forget, I ran for governor and pulled almost 20% of the Idaho vote with no party backing and never running a campaign before. This terrified them. In the middle of my campaign state officers took my camping advisor’s grandson. He had developed a food allergy that caused him to throw up excessively at times. The parents were working diligently to find a good solution, but St. Luke’s hospital staff threatened to have the baby taken from them if they did not follow their medical demands. The parents feared going back to St. Lukes and instead sought other medical care. When St. Lukes saw that the parents refused their services they contacted the police and the state took the baby. I rallied people to get him back in record time. It was a huge distraction to my campaign but it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. As soon as the family got the baby back, they immediately moved to Florida and the child is doing very well without the state or the St. Lukes intervention.

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Of course the hospital sued me and spent millions to bury me in legal paperwork and proceedings. They took my home and everything I worked for in my life. I went to Idaho a rich man and barely made it out of there alive. I’m in Utah now trying to rebuild some type of life and care for my family. -You can hate me if you want, but you know who to call if your child is wrongly taken by the state; or if a loved one is wrongly incarcerated; or if your property is claimed by government agents; or whatever else may take place to restrict you from your life, liberty and property. Just call me and I’ll be there!”

Sounds like Ammon is still willing to help people in need of defense. That’s a miracle in itself. I wonder what his wife thinks about that. Anyway, there it is, Ammon Bundy is in Utah still swinging.

It will be interesting to see what happens. Will Utah extradite him to Idaho or will they protect him. Most likely the first, but you never know. The Bundy’s were strongly supported by Utahans in 2014 and 2016. Including the governor, AG and many legislators. Seems the state is heavily split between those who embrace state intrusion and those who deeply dislike it.

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3 replies on “They found Ammon Bundy”

Excellent article thank you!

Typo: Camping Advisor should read Campaign Advisor

How much can one family take? Ammon has only helped others and not cowered to suggestions that were illegal to be called a law. Those that hate him either don’t know his story, haven’t met him, or are embarrassed that they lick the Government Officials’ shoes. Lord have Mercy on the heinnas that are frothing at the mouth.

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