John Livingston

There is No Claim on Virtue

It seems pretty obvious to me that the Biden campaign and the deep-deep state have nothing of a policy nature upon which to run. What have they done in the past three years that has been successful? Inflation, immigration, the politicization of our legal system, a military under assault from the bureaucratic “woke” estate at the Pentagon, the surrender and evacuation from Afghanistan, have all rendered our country and our people in an extremely precarious position as we look to our futures. Let’s not forget the gutting of our health care and educational systems. Several conservative economists have stated that “lose money policy” and environmental virtue signaling can account for 90% of the inflation we are still fighting 4 years after Covid. Drill baby drill”!

The only way they can mount a campaign against Donald Trump is to make him the “boogeyman” and to try to marginalize his supporters by calling us extreme, reactionary and most recently “nazis”. It’s not MAGA that is rioting in our streets against Israel. Last night during his brief speech about the Supreme Court’s ruling regarding partial presidential immunity, the President again painted DJT as a cad and placed individual virtue on the table—as well it should be. But by implying that he—Branden, was any more virtuous than DJT is preposterous. For example, both leveraged their connections to avoid the draft during Viet Nam. Only one has entered into business deals across the world with the CCP and Ukrainian mafiosos. Only one gave a eulogy to a former KKK Klansman Senator Robert Bird DEMOCRAT of West Virginia. Only one claimed he graduated in the top of his class in law school—and didn’t. Only one claimed that he was recruited by the Naval Academy to play football and wasn’t. Only one plagiarized a speech from a British MP and claimed that he had written it himself. Only one was known throughout the halls of Congress and by Senate staffers as “the sniffer”.

Mr. Trump’s claim on virtue is similarly suspect. The “porn star allegations” though never proven fit the man. At least in the early days of his life his sexual proclivities were well known far and wide.

I would hate to have to explain my less than virtuous life prior to getting married in my early thirties. College fraternity parties, and port visits as a young Naval Officer created opportunities that today I in some cases can’t remember—except I know they were less than virtuous.

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We all have a history and for almost all of us it is not all 100% virtuous.

The point is, have our mistakes informed us of our present-day philosophy and our conduct. By the way—”which of you without sin can cast the first stone”. Next time Branden calls Trump a “cad” or an “ally cat” on the stage DJT should try that line and then say—Joe, do you have any idea where that came from(?)

It would behoove Mr. Trump to acknowledge his past indiscretions—not in detail. He should state publicly that he has asked God’s forgiveness and because of God’s Grace and Mercy he is able to move forward with his life.

There is no sin greater than God’s love and forgiveness, and by always acknowledging God’s justice and Mercy we continue in the tradition of our Founding Fathers. We are truly dependent individually and as a nation on “Divine Providence”.

To claim such a position of supplication must be difficult for those who don’t acknowledge the sanctity of life and uniqueness of the human body and soul. Acknowledging our dependence and allegiance to Biblical and Natural Law Principles while at the same time acknowledging our sinful nature and asking for forgiveness is the way forward for DJT and conservatives.

Then we can begin the election campaign and make it a fight on principles and ideas, and we don’t have to participate in the “s..t show” that the progressive Dem Marxists are planning.

Not necessarily a “Virtuous” lot they! I sense a GREAT AWAKENING

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