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The Woke Virus

My Quaker grandmother told me to always be careful of ones’ thoughts. There is a cycle from thoughts to words to actions and finally habits develop, and habits can be hard to break and can define a life. The chain from words to habits can be good or bad. Sometimes we have bad habits that only others see in us. Glen Roberts writing in SUBSTACK reminded us that both Elon Musk and in THE SELFISH GENE Richard Dawkins have written about “mind viruses” that spread from person to person.

Dawkins called them memes and Musk was referring to the “woke virus.” This virus can be words, thoughts, or actions.

Mr. Roberts was quoted in today’s Wall Street Journal as saying that that our ruling class exists in a monoculture—I would call it a “thought bubble”. They are stuck in a world of confirmation bias living their lives based on a horizontal standard of situational humanistic ethics. We too often look to each side to see what your peers are doing and believing and then we follow the crowd. Many of our corporate leaders, politicians, and those in the media subscribe to this horizontal standard as they carry out their lives and try to come to moral decisions based on comparing oneself to others. The “law” can change. Mores can change. Ethical standards can change. Moral standards grounded on Biblical standards never change. The laws of the physical and spiritual universe never change. New discoveries just expose the realities of nature in ways that we have never been able to measure or observe before. Gravity never changes, the electromagnetic force never changes, the strong and weak nuclear forces never change. Our understanding of those forces changes every day. The moral standard that has been tested by ten thousand years of history is a vertical standard with the unreachable goal above us, not horizontal to us. Read “The Beatitudes” for proof.

People in the elite “expert” and celebrity classes suffer not only from “mass confirmation bias”, but also from an anxiety neurosis based on a desire for celebrity and status. This desire stems from the fact that they have few real accomplishments themselves that would be a basis for self-esteem. As Mr. Roberts concludes:

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Those fixated on status and celebrity “require constant reassurance in the form of peer acceptance, reassurance that is generally achieved by repeating what popular people are already repeating”.

Can we think about the info bubble of babble when the elites talk down to us scallywags about global warming, Covid, Russian collusion, or the rights of the unborn child, and transgenderism?

The guardrails of morality and common sense combined with the ability to think critically, and the courage to say something like “prove it” or “I don’t believe it” when reason and our “voice within” tell us to be suspicious, are all that should be needed to stop the march of progressive imaginary utopian fantasy.

A baby is a baby. Men and women are different. Hormone ablation or radical sex changing surgery doesn’t change a person’s DNA or spiritual nature. We are all made uniquely by a loving God who wants only to love you and be loved by you. Play by His rules and you will know joy, not just pleasure or happiness. “As it was in the beginning….”

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Right on John!! I don’t know where you find the time to put all of this into words but I love to read your work. Keep up the good work.

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