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The Truth No Longer Matters

While District Attorney Fani Willis was orchestrating a grand jury to bring false charges against President Trump and 18 others, she was turning a blind eye to blatant documented election fraud that occurred in Fulton County, Georgia.

Willis and others failed to investigate or prosecute the organized ballot harvesting that appears to have been conducted by non-governmental organizations/NGOs and ballot harvesters during early voting before the 2020 General Election and the Georgia Senate runoff election.

True the Vote (TTV) provided the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) and FBI with cell phone ping data documenting how 250 individuals from Fulton County and other states made repeated trips (at least 10 times per person) from specific NGO offices to Atlanta-area ballot drop boxes during early voting timeframes – trips that were atypical from the normal pattern of movement for the cell phone users. TTV also heard testimony from a ballot harvester (confidential informant) confirming this pattern of activity occurred, and the ballot harvesters were paid to collect ballots and deposit them in drop boxes. This illegal activity was also documented by drop box surveillance cameras (videotape). The documentary 2000 Mules chronicles apparent widespread ballot harvesting in Atlanta and several other cities.

2000 Mules is available for free viewing September 8-10 via producer Dinesh D’Sousa’s X (Twitter) account:

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According to True the Vote, neither the GBI nor the FBI pursued an investigation of the ballot harvesting evidence. See this True the Vote data link for more information:

In addition, True the Vote identified 364,000 ineligible Georgia voter registrations (based on invalid residency), and later determined that 67,000 of those ineligible registrants had voted! (See ) During a meeting held on December 16, 2020, True the Vote told Georgia Secretary of State Raffensberger that Georgia citizens were challenging these ineligible voter registrations in advance of the Senate runoff election. Raffensberger agreed it was plausible that 364,000 invalid residency-associated registrations existed, because about 14% of Americans move every year. Georgia’s 67,000 illegally cast (invalid residence) ballots were far more than the 11,779 votes President Trump needed to win the Georgia election. If Raffensberger knew these invalid registrations existed, why didn’t he clean up the voter rolls before the General Election? And why did he certify the election results without investigating how many ineligible voters had voted? How could he assert that the election results were valid when 67,000 unqualified registrants had voted? The statewide Georgia General Election results were clearly corrupted by these votes.

An Open.Ink editorial at the above data link website states,

“The Georgia and January 6th-related indictments against Donald J. Trump are predicated on the narrative that election authorities like Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr, and others had thoroughly evaluated the accuracy of the 2020 elections and gave counsel to then-President Donald Trump that there was “no meaningful election fraud” based on their professional, supportable evaluations. True the Vote’s experiences in Georgia prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the General Election of 2020 was never meaningfully investigated. From the over 67,000 votes attached to voting records of individuals ineligible to vote in their jurisdiction to unmonitored surveillance cameras and phantom ballots, these errant processes should have been monitored and investigated before certification. As you will read, True the Vote repeatedly presented its work to Federal and State law enforcement officials. Authorities did not investigate. Instead, they obfuscated, delayed, and ultimately targeted President Trump, True the Vote, and others, for publicly exposing their failure to uphold lawful processes. Those who question the accuracy of the 2020 General Election were, and are, right to do so.”

Back to Fanni Willis … why didn’t she convene a grand jury to investigate this documented illegal election activity (ineligible voters who voted illegally; Fulton County ballet harvesting activities and funding) and negligence (failure to purge invalid voter registrations)? Is it because the truth would not align with her partisan interests?

President Trump is aware of the True the Vote data. Hopefully, the justice system allows his (and the other defendants’) attorneys to present this documentation of election fraud, the real criminals are exposed, and the rightful occupants of the White House and Senate are sworn into office.

God knows the truth. I pray for His standard of truth and justice to prevail and for the United States to be “One Nation under God” – abiding in His righteousness, His purpose, His plan, and His grace.

“Nothing in all creation is hidden from God’s sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account.”

Hebrews 4:13

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