The Theft of a Nation

While we worry about making a living and how our children are being educated we are taking our eyes off the real problem as our country is being changed into something it was never meant to be. Trump is the first president I can remember who has actually kept all of the campaign promises he made. He has been brutally attacked for 4 years by the elite bureaucrats that have been stealing our tax dollars and making themselves and their friends rich for decades. It’s time for all Americans to think about why our forefathers put so many safety measures in our constitution.

They foresaw the possibility of a take-over when they wrote our constitution and had the forethought to put in protective measures to fight these future attackers of freedom. We have been watching these anarchists attack our president and our constitution for the past four years and it is time we stood up and said we are not going to take any more of their lies.

You have all seen firsthand over the past ten months just what lengths the elite politicians and bureaucrats will go to not only maintain their power but also put all Americans under the thumb of big government with their Covid regulations. We the people are being lied to every day, whether it is about the number of deaths from covid or how President Trump has “destroyed” our country. It’s time to fight back because if we don’t, all will be lost and this country will be forever changed into something none of us ever thought it could become.

America is the one thing that has always been standing in the way of a one-world government. It is because of our constitution and the brave men and women who defend us from foreign invaders that we are safe from foreign enemies. But what about the enemies that attack us from within our own government. We don’t have any real protection from our elected officials or the bureaucrats they put in charge of running our country, cities, and states except for the constitution bestowed on us by our forefathers.

The Constitution gave us the First Amendment to protect our freedom of speech and the Second Amendment to ensure the first is not taken away from us. There is no other country with these rights; that is why so many have been taken over by despots and criminals. If we allow this election to stand and accept Joe Biden as our next president, I fear that all will be lost and our great republic will be taken down one brick at a time until our necks are under the boot heal of government.

We have seen many of our freedoms taken away from us, one by one, before our very eyes because of this virus. They have locked us down in our homes and decided arbitrarily what are essential businesses. They have gone so far as to impose mask mandates even in our homes and told us we can’t gather at our churches unless we follow their rules.

We have seen our seniors in bad health in nursing homes die without the comfort of family. They have used this virus as a means to control the populace by restricting movement even between states. They are even tracking us if we have come into contact with a person identified to have contracted covid. Where will it stop, ladies and gentlemen?

If there was ever a time for conservative America to stand up and be heard it is now. We need to have more rallies like the on the 12th of December and find other means to protest this crooked election. We need to get our elitist politicians to understand we are not going to stand for any more of their tyrannical edicts to suppress our freedoms. It is time to take our country back.

We must support honest and free elections, not the farce that took place on November 3rd where all of these swing states have huge voting irregularities. We are finding that the very voting machines that we trusted to give us a fair election were rigged to alter the vote count. The irregularities in our voting system have been numerous and onerous from ballots run four and five times through machines to ballots post-dated by our own post office employees.

It is time to take our country back from the criminals who are trying to steal this election and if it means we have a national work stoppage for a week so be it. It can’t be much worse than the restrictions they have already imposed on us. We need to weed out the bad politicians and put limits on how many terms they serve. It seems the longer a congressman or senator stays in office, the richer they get. We have to find real, capable conservatives to run for office and support them in their efforts to become our elected officials.

The RINOs are just as bad as the liberal democrats and they want to take us backwards, not forwards. Trump saw this and exposed them for what they were, which angered them because he took away the cookie jar that everyone put their fingers in. It is time to break some eggs in our political system at the local and state level. Let us start with our own state and bring it back to the conservative government that we used to have.

We have a legislature full of RINOs and a governor has shown us that he is incapable of governing. He has shown his arrogance for the people of Idaho by not allowing the legislature to come back into session and deal with this covid problem. He restricts our liberties during this virus while supporting an expanded Medicaid program that will eventually bankrupt our state. Even our Attorney General has refused to sign onto the legal battle in the Supreme Court. Let’s start cleaning house by getting rid of these two RINOs in the next election along with our RINO legislators and run some truly conservative candidates.

I pray that to God that it is not too late and we can turn this thing around because if we can’t, America is doomed as we currently know it.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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Very well said Mr Neaugebauer.
Unfortunately, we truly WILL get what we deserve as we ALL simply sit, and watch it ALL be taken from us.

It is the right of Americans to peacefully protest. Whining about Presidents is also our right…and from what I’ve observed…the great American pastime. The first town cryers that I remember declaring that “all is lost”, was in November of 1960. “If Kennedy took office, the end of America was sure to follow”.
I have observed the same irresponsible rhetoric each election cycle for the last 60 years… always from those who’s horse didn’t win. Last election saw millions of angry women and men protesting around the country because Trump had “rigged the election”. They finally put away their pull-ups and lived with the legal results for the last 4 years.
Since no appreciable election fraud has been uncovered or proved in the courts…I suggest the disheartened follow suit and get on with life.

America’s Founding Fathers wisely empowered Citizens with the constitutional right & authority to oust rouge public servants who have betrayed their Oath Of Office Contracts.
In my 78 years, President Trump has been the only President to kept his word to dismantle the Cartel of Corporate Lobbyists who have turned both parties within our local, state & federal governments into political houses of prostitution.
Evidence disclosed on the 2020 Presidential election clearly validates vote-rigging in an effort to enable a treasonous overthrow of our Republic. Thus far, evidence on this hostile & treasonous overthrow has only been made available on a few internet websites & on the ONE AMERICA NEWS network channel.

Over the past several decades Citizens across America have held numerous tea party demonstrations that protested against political corruption. None have produced any results because they lacked any enforceable agenda that could lawfully remove the perps if they didn’t obey & honor their oath of office employment contracts.
If we as Citizens lack the moral backbone to stand with President Trump in his efforts to help us & force the legitimization of this election process we will get the third world dictatorship we deserve. Our 2nd Amendment was created as a last ditch means to prevent a hostile overthrow, if we lack the fortitude to demand a legitimate vote count it will very likely be the 1st right to be confiscated.
-FACT; Approximately 76% of our lawmakers are lawyers.
-The majority of Citizen’s Constitutional rights, liberties & freedoms are very clearly stated. The majority of today’s lawmakers repeatedly challenge these clearly written freedoms at great expense to taxpayers in our nation’s courts. The only victors who profit in these challenges are the lawyers.
-Is it a conflict of interest to allow a self-regulated organization of lawyers who typically lean towards socialism to serve as America’s law-makers or should lawyers be restricted to hold advisory positions ?
-Is it a conflict of interest to allow a self-regulated & self serving organization of lawyers to serve as Judges or should lawyers/judges be restricted to serve only in advisory positions ?
-If Citizens prevail in this latest revolution, it might be wise to consider appointing Citizen appointed Ombudsmen within every county & state to review & delete unjust laws, regulations & takings.

These are excerpts of what I sent to friends & family this morning which contained a copy of the email letter to Pres. Trump.
Addressed to family & friends:
We have been consumed with the continued exposure of political corruption. I felt the need to write a letter of support for the veto as well as it being a message & warning to our compromised RINO elected congressmen. A copy of it was sent out this morning as I just couldn’t leave it alone. Being fed up with it all (the voting fraud & then the compromised “relief bill”)& more coming out each day. I hope that those of you who can make the time will take the time to voice your opinion to your elected officials. I am sending you a copy of the letter to encourage you to call, write your own or copy & paste from someone else’s. I think that protest in numbers is our best strategy and while I’m not a big fan of Pres. Trump in all matters, I do believe that his actions on this are our best hope for the present. I feel strongly that our country is at a critical point to where just voting & then complaining to each other as more corruption is exposed isn’t enough to create change. (I also happened to see on U.S. Idaho Senator James Risch’s website that he had voted for the bill! So, I guess I would count him as a Rino!) I haven’t checked the others yet. Here’s what I wrote to the President:
Please do not sign off on the “Covid Relief” bill as it stands, even for $ 2,000. The cost to the future of the citizens of this country is too high. We are aware of all the “pork” and special interests that are included. We strongly protest against what is in it that we are aware of. We would also like to know the names of the individual congressmen who have attached themselves to many of the special interest “add ons”.
My veteran partner & I are retired seniors and we fall far below the middle income bracket. Even we would forgo a check for $2,000 because of the cost it will incur for our children & grandchildren. Those dollars need to go to the small business owners and others who are the backbone of this country and not to foreign countries, large corporations and special interests. If the Congress wants to do that, it should be under a separate bill. (In fact, I feel there should be a legal limit as to what can be added to a bill.) We, as members of the American public, believe that what Peloski and many of the congressmen on both sides are doing is “ethically criminal”.
We believe that we are at a final crossroads of the survival of our democracy & support you to remain resolute in your veto power. We are more watchful than before and are appalled at what has taken place in our country. The wakeup call is almost too late, but I want our senators & representatives on both sides to know that we are paying attention and that many of them may lose our vote in the next election. This letter will also be sent to my Idaho federal & state congressmen. (and it was)

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