The Republican Elite Terminates Integrity in Government

The contest, throughout human history, is between those who wield power and those who are subject to it. Once again, we see the monster of power raise its naked head above those it deems to be its subjects. This time it happened within the Republican Party. The ruling elite of the Republican Party no longer want integrity in government.

At the recent Idaho State Republican Central Committee Winter Meeting a seemingly small, but vastly significant thing happened. A Rule change was adopted which eliminated Article X of the Republican Party Rules: Integrity in Government. This proposed Rule Change came from Grant Loebs of Legislative District 34.

What kind of “Republican” wants to eliminate integrity in government? A person without integrity? Isn’t a lack of integrity the problem with government today? For the Republican Elite, integrity in government is just another hurdle which they have cleared out of the way, republican principles be damned. Republican now only means “R.”

Article X declared that: “The people of Idaho demand leaders who will uphold their oath of office and the Constitution and are accountable to the people who elect them,” and required that “Republican federal office holders, statewide office holders, and State Legislators” adhere to “the state party platform and applicable resolutions adopted at our state conventions and party meetings.” The rule requires candidates to provide a Candidate Disclosure which declares: “I have read the Idaho Republican Party Platform. I support the Idaho Republican Platform and accept it as the standard by which my performance as a candidate and as an officeholder should be evaluated. I certify that I am not a candidate, officer, delegate or position holder in any party other than the Republican Party.”

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Under the now vanquished Rule, if a candidate takes exception to any of the provisions in the Party Platform they can make note of those exceptions in their Candidate Disclosure and still run as a Republican. The Rule required the State and/or District Chairs to issue a press release to all area newspapers for any candidate that fails to provide the required Candidate Disclosure and sign on to the Party Platform.

The Idaho Republican Party Platform, which expresses the fine principles of true republicanism, can be found at This rule change essentially renders the Republican Party Platform irrelevant and unenforceable.

What does this rule change mean? Candidates like the current Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General, who failed to provide the required Candidate Disclosure in the last election can continue business as usual without the inconvenience of adhering to principles. Integrity in government is no longer required by the Republican Party.

My own District 5 legislator, Caroline Troy (R), no longer has to read and subscribe to the Party Platform and can therefore continue to have a voting record that reflects her failed understanding of the most basic principles of original republicanism. She can still put an “R” after her name even though her legislative record is better expressed as a “D.”

There continues to be a great contest between the power elite in the Republican Party and the republican people of Idaho. The republican people of Idaho have crafted the Party Platform over decades of refinements at conventions and state meetings. The ruling elite just want power: your power and your consent to their ever expanding usurpations of power.

And the Governor’s new OTTERPAC will fund more ruling elite candidates, especially those who are challenging republican candidates that adhere to the Platform’s principles and have integrity. Watch who takes the money.

The Idaho Republican Party Platform begins with: “We are republicans because…” Go read it at and find out what it means to be a republican. The ruling elite are now just an “R.” We are the Republicans!

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