John Livingston

The Price of Political Courage

Conservatives when discussing issues of political philosophy and public policy with progressive liberals (Democrats and Republicans) believe that progressive policies are bad, but those people who believe in such policies are good people and well-meaning. On the other hand, our opponents not only think that our ideas are bad, but we are in fact bad people—Nancy Pelosi has called us “evil”. President Biden has called MAGA nation “evil”. The ad hominem and personal attacks that are becoming more common by the day, are what happens when an argument in reason and logic cannot be presented to the debate. When political policies fail, when a political narrative has proven to be untrue, all that is left is to attack one’s opponent—not their ideas.

Words like “racist”, “homophobe”, and “bigot” are used not to define and extend the debate but are offered into a debate to end it. Because I am Pro-Life, do not believe in the LGBT political agenda—most of the people in my life who are gay don’t believe in LGBT policies though they are afraid to speak up because of the “push back”, I am the bad guy. Most of all because I try and many times fail to be a good Christian and try to write about and support a morality that does not relate to humanistic (man-made) situational ethics and policies that are grounded in arguments of emotion and opinion—try asking a progressive liberal what the moral predicate for their arguments is, attempts at marginalizing my words and ideas are becoming more frequent. It is frankly open season on Christians and Jews in our country from factions on both the right and left. Hakeem Jeffries the new Democratic Leader in the US House of Representatives is open not only in his disaffection for the Jewish State and its’ people, but also Christian and Jewish people. Kayne West’s comments about Jews—he did not differentiate about religious beliefs, the Jewish State, or ethnic Jews, are reprehensible and let me say in my most humble opinion EVIL. The mainstream media will opine ad nauseum about Mr. West. Mr. Jeffries—crickets.

Christian conservatives need to stop feeling marginalized and be courageous and stand up for our values. If we don’t have another “Great Awakening” in our country the future for our children and grandchildren will be dim. Two days ago, a handful of Republican Senators including “Mitt of Romney” voted for codifying in Federal Law same sex Marriage without voting for Senator Mike Lee’s Amendment to protect religious liberty.

Mr. Lee’s comments after the defeat of his Amendment speaks volumes about the political courage of those—including “Mitt of Romney” who voted for supporting same sex marriage and against religious liberty.

“Despite the support of every voting Republican but one, and even a Democrat, the Respect for Marriage Act just passed without my amendment, which would have prevented the government from retaliating against religious individuals and institutions for their sincerely held religious beliefs regarding marriage.

This is a discouraging development in our country’s storied history of protecting the free exercise of religion. While I’m disappointed that my amendment was not included, I remain committed to preserving the religious liberties enshrined in our Constitution.”

So, in the end we supported “their bill” and “they” kicked us in the teeth. How discouraging that we couldn’t get enough Democrat and Republican votes to support protecting religious liberties. That says a lot about the status of religious liberty in our country today. I hope as similar issues come up in our State Legislature this session that the courage and faith of our legislators prevails. Only moral cowards allow themselves to be marginalized. Thank you, Senator Lee, for your courage.

Where are the leaders in the so called “faith-based communities”? Catholic religious and lay persons, Protestant and LDS church Fathers, and those in the Jewish and Muslim communities are silent regarding issues of “faith based” morality at a time when their faith and principles are under attack. Without the safeguards of religious liberty their institutions would look and function very differently. Look at the Catholic Church in China, or the Muslim Uyghurs in China’s Xinyuan Province. The CCP is anything but “woke”. Abortion is alive and well in China, and “gay rights” are non-existent.

The progressive liberal left not only thinks that our ideas are bad—they believe us to be evil. Let’s never forget that as we move forward with “The American Experiment.”

Gem State Patriot News