The plan to destroy America

What led to America becoming the greatest country in the history of the world for individual rights and economic freedom? The signing of The Declaration of Independence and adoption of our God-inspired US Constitution stated that our rights come from God and not government. Without the oppressive British taxation and regulations, American’s were extremely prosperous. We were a God-fearing nation of laws based on The Ten Commandments. The Founders (mostly Christians) opposed a national religious denomination, but wanted religion, morality and knowledge to be taught in schools.

Unfortunately elitists in both parties have largely destroyed Constitutional limited government. Socialism has always failed and leads to the loss of individual freedom. Elitists are striving for world government under the tyrannical United Nations. The plan is to bring America down to third world status so we can merge into a global government without individual liberty.

The plan to destroy America includes: 

  • Destroying our culture by destroying Christianity;
  • Allowing immigrants to form their own cultures in America;
  • Open borders allows illegal aliens to provide cheap labor for businesses. (Note: most immigrants and illegals get taxpayer welfare benefits);
  • Implementation of United Nation’s Agenda 21 to control everybody on the planet with unscientific environmental programs. (Note: The global warming hoax being imposed by the EPA is driving up energy costs);
  • The drive to disarm citizens and create a National Police force;
  • UN’s Common Core educational agenda to dumb-down students and unconstitutional trade agreements like NAFTA and pending Trans-Pacific Partnership that mergers us economically and politically into a regional government. (Note: we have lost 57,000 factories and millions of jobs with past agreements.

The solution to restore America’s greatness is to return to limited Constitutional government. We are being invaded with immigrants in violation of Article IV, Section 4. Adopt America’s Christian heritage or leave!