The nine-dash line

Since 1947, China has claimed a huge chunk of the South China Sea, referring to the late Chairman Mao’s infamous and dubious nine-dash line. This line outlines the territories, islands, seas, and even countries that Mao Ze Dong claimed as ‘property of the party‘.

In 2016, the U.N. Convention of the Sea and its affiliated court denied China’s claims to the disputed territory within the nine-dash line. Today Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei, and Indonesia dispute Communist China’s claims. These nations have even formed an unofficial but very effective cooperative naval force. With regular naval patrols and constant assertion of their own territorial rights, backed by U.S. Naval patrols they stand in defiance of China’s wishes.

The 2016 decision by the U.N. Court denies all of these claims. Conveniently, China has failed to recognize the authority of the U.N. court. It seems they are ‘Cafeteria Commies’, choosing only those rulings they like.

Over the past decade, China has built a number of artificial islands and two remote airstrips capable of supporting fighter and bomber aircraft operations. One of their ‘islands‘ now hosts a seaport capable of supporting any of their naval craft including their two aircraft carriers. The longer we wait, the deeper China digs in.

With these remote locations so far out into the sea, they can extend an umbrella of military power which could conceivably allow them to take total control of the South China Sea unless the U.S. intervenes. Such intervention is inevitable and potentially ugly, to say the least.

Back on the home front, Chinese television, movies, radio, and teachings in schools from K-University are reasserting these claims and indoctrinating Chinese Citizens to accept these spurious claims as fact.

In the United States, we are nearly paralyzed as social unrest and Democrat skulduggery abound. There can be no doubt that every issue we face from the media’s profiting on Wuhan Virus propaganda. Racist Terrorist Organizations such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the Democratic National Committee carefully orchestrate our nation’s woes. Intense Social Indoctrination by Socialist media on all fronts … all impede and hinder our influence in the South China Sea.

If China ever gains custody of all that lies within its infamous nine-dash line, the world will be left begging and at the mercy of The People’s Republic of China. So much shipping takes place in the South China Sea, 1/3 of the world’s shipping (over 3 Trillion Dollars USD). The Democrats and their Chinese Handlers are doubling down in order to install Senility’s Poster Boy, Joe Biden, elected to the highest office in the land. If he makes it, we are doomed! Vote for Donald John Trump for President!

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The U.S. isn’t a whole lot better. Did you know the U.S. Coast Guard patrols the whole world and act as if all seas are under there juridiction when they can get away with it. They are suppost to be patroling within are territorial waters but don’t. If you have a private yacht in international waters they will board you and if your paperwork isn’t right they may sink your vessel and detain the crew. A coasty friend of mine told me this.

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