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The Next Illegal Scam

This scheme is nothing more than an illegal way to deprive Americans from using both private and public land, and using their money to enrich the corporate world.

As part of this administration’s agenda to implement the international 30×30 plan, that is, placing 30% of land into conservation by 2030, it only makes sense to weaponize federal agencies. In this particular case it is the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). 

One perfect place to execute this plan is in Montana, called the Missouri Headwaters Conservation Area. While this map shows the boundary map clearly within the Montana border, it isn’t clear what that red boundary line extending into Idaho means, but it does capture Centennial Valley.

(click to enlarge)

First some background, but one almost needs some sort of economic background to get the gist of what is being done. 

Christ Troupis Book

Globalists began looking at the environment as having “Natural Assets“, meaning the environment could be used as justification for economic gain. a “key to sustainable development”. Natural assets are defined as assets of the natural environment that consist of wild or produced biological assets, land, water, ecosystems, subsoil, and air. Basically anything in the environment. These assets are sometimes called “ecosystem services“. 

Using climate change hysteria, globalists plotted the latest snow job called Nature Based Solutions (NBS). Since climate change allegedly destroys everything, NBS “are actions to protect, sustainably manage, or restore natural ecosystems”, or natural assets, especially if those solutions address societal challenges such as water security and disaster risk reduction, while providing biodiversity benefits.

Alas, since natural solutions receive little financing for preventing greenhouse gas emissions, globalists designed a new financial market that uses the environment for economic gain. The White House is on board with its National Strategy plan. Initial funding for this atrocity came out of the 2021 Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act which was really intended to fundamentally transform America towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

On page 112, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) was allocated $1 billion for a “pre-disaster mitigation program” which of course will be used for nature based solutions, promising “monetary…benefits…economic growth, green jobs, increased property values and better public health”, all hornswoggle. In this April, 2022 Executive Order 14072, Section 4, the administration announced its plan for nature based solutions, which was followed in November, 2022 by the White House Nature Based Solutions Resource Guide. Of course this idea didn’t come from the people, it came out of the United Nations (UN) COP 27 as a way to fight “climate change” and increase resilience to life. Ah yes, this president’s brilliance will lead to protection for all. And the World Economic Forum (WEF) is drooling over how much money corporations can suck from us with this sham they created.

Heck, the White House has already put into place a “roadmap” to assist moneygrubbing schmuck globalists by “Unlocking funding for domestic and international projects, and encouraging Federal agencies to do more to prioritize nature-based solutions in funding decisions.” For those who are morbidly curious, a full review of potential funding avenues can be found here. No matter which way you look at it, the cost will be borne by us serfs to the elite.

The really tough part in understanding this is how profits are made. One thing for sure, it does involve restoration, protection, and conservation of nature. But money will be made now that new economic markets have been created.

Natural Asset Companies (NAC) were created for this specific purpose, “to develop an asset class that converts the value of nature and the ecoservices designed to sustain it into financial capital.” An NAC allows “investors to financially back services that directly benefit the planet”. Intrinsic Exchange Groups (IEG) are a type of company “whose equity captures the value of natural assets and the ecosystem services they produce.” IEG basically determines how much value will be assigned to nature. 

Wall Street is on board but Whitney Webb hit the nail on the head, “The ultimate goal of NACs is not sustainability or conservation – it is the financialization of nature, i.e. turning nature into a commodity that can be used to keep the current, corrupt Wall Street economy booming under the guise of protecting the environment and preventing its further degradation”, her words validated by this author. It is nothing more than another form of Environment, Social Governance (ESG).

This author does a fine job in explaining with one example how to make money from this scam when it comes to water. Buy property, create a mitigation bank (buy cheap land and restore it to some ecological state that’s deemed to be functional), and investors come in. As he explains it, it is like building houses only you are building wetlands. It is no wonder the corporate saturated WEF supports NBS. The World Bank might have given NBS a more appropriate name in this video, “green infrastructure”.

Enough of the economic lesson, back to Montana. The American Stewards for Liberty wrote an article about this land grab by the feds, indicating that central Idaho will be involved in it. While the article describes the agenda to connect protected lands together in Montana, Idaho is in the crosshairs for the same expansion, that area being within the red box in the map. Private land will also be usurped in this scam whether voluntary or not and property owners will be forced to comply with restricted and controlled land use. Private property rights will go down the drain. The article also talks about NACs and describes hybrid areas as part of the plan.

At the end of the article there is an excellent link that explains how this whole scheme is only about monetizing nature, and notes the same bewilderment, “no investment professional can explain how investors will make money”, but rest assured, these scallywag globalists are figuring it out.

Both the USFWS and Bureau of Land Management have conservation areas. However, according to the Department of Interior “national conservation areas are designated by Congress” (page CRS-8) and only by the Bureau of Land Management, not the USFWS. Is the USFWS using a slight of hand by leaving out “national” or mixing national in with other wording? Or is this really just another White House violation of the law?

Public scoping on this action ends November 27, 2023. The American Stewards article has recommendations for action at the end. Although the deadline for amendments has passed, H.R. 4821, sponsored by Rep. Mike Simpson, has little chance of passing. Regardless, Idahoans should contact congressional representatives (especially Simpson) and state representatives, ask them what Idaho can do for protection against this 30×30 agenda, the proposed conservation area, and ban NAC activity. Perhaps everyone should consider putting together a bill for state reps to sponsor.

Definitely send an email to the USFWS at and let them know it appears they are proceeding without congressional approval, and if anything, this action requires an Environmental Impact Statement. There is so much more to be written on this as it does extend into every aspect of our lives. This isn’t being done for the environment, it is about taking away land use through conservation easements and ruling over how people live.

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It’s already all been stolen a long time ago!

Thanks to Amendment 5’s provision for government confiscations (theft) of private property via eminent domain, property taxes, and public lands, there’s not one square inch of private property that is not now “owned” by federal and state governments alike.

If you think this doesn’t apply to the property you “bought and paid for,” just stop paying your property tax and agents with badges and side arms will eventually show up to escort you off the property of those they represent. Give them enough guff, and they’ll escort you to jail.

In other words, the Constitution hasn’t protected your property, anymore than it has your life, your firearms, etc. Instead the Constitution has been the means of confiscating your property, licensing your firearms, and destroying life, including the millions of infants slaughtered in their mothers’ wombs financed by the Constitutional Republic.

If you’re in anyway a promoter of the biblically seditious Constitution as the law of the land, you’ve been *taken* for ride and you’ve been spurring the “horse” responsible for carrying America to the precipice of moral depravity and destruction.

For more, see Chapter 3 “We the People vs. Yahweh” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

Then Chapter 14 “Amendment 5: Constitutional vs. Biblical Judicial Protection.”

The red line just shows the area shown in the closeup image, just like atlases and state maps show lines around the cities that shows a larger image of the cities.

According to the American Steward article, “The Service’s goal is to create a protected area that connects the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem in Wyoming with the Crown of the Continent in central Montana, and the wilderness of central Idaho.” The article is correct. It is an incremental plan to put the three corners of MT, ID, and WY into protected status which has been tried before with designation of Island Park as a national monument. If they illegally get this area, it will only be a matter of time to expand into Idaho. That red line may just be showing their real intention.

Would you please reach out to me? I own a small print and video media company. In a former career – I was the Pacific NW Rep for People of the West ( Idaho, Washington & Oregon), a coalition of Famers, Ranchers, Loggers and public land users. I have an idea I would like to discuss with you. You can email me @
Thank you
– Ernest

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