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The New Normal?

As we all try to venture back to a normal life after two years of our government instilling fear into every man, women and child on the planet we should have learned many important lesions. The first lesion is don’t trust anything your government officials tell you until you have proof they are telling the truth. We observed during this “Covid Crisis” how easily the many could be controlled by the few. By using an invisible virus it did not take long to convince people that they were in grave danger, ramping up fear through the media to a point that most people believed that government was the only entity that could protect them. Again with the help of the media they used the divided and conquer tactic with masks and vaccinations. We are just now finding out that we were all fearful of a virus that was about as deadly as the flu to those who did not have comorbid conditions and were reasonably fit. There was a global effort to convert the planet from the democratic process to a technocracy.

Governments gained so much control that they were literally forcing people to take an experimental vaccine that had only months of testing while eliminating the use of drugs that were known to be effective in stopping the Covid virus. People were not informed about the true risks of these shots which are only beginning to be uncovered. They were forced into taking these shots through mandates, loss of jobs and restrictions of personal freedoms like flying or going to social events and even their favorite restaurants. This could turn out to be the biggest human experiment of all time as hundreds of millions were both forced and coerced into taking these experimental vaccines whose adverse effects are only now coming to light. Even now heart issues are being detected months after taking these experimental vaccines. I fear we will not know for some years to come just how much of our freedoms we gave up during this pandemic along with the future effects on our health. From lockdowns to shutdowns of non-essential businesses governments exercised more control over the people of this earth using fear tactics and the support of a willing media than we have ever seen in past history.

The lockdowns and shutdowns imposed a horrible burden on small businesses that were considered non-essential while the likes of Amazon, Walmart and big box stores reaped a huge harvest of new customers. There was a major transfer of wealth away from small family owned businesses to large publically owned businesses who benefited from a digital economy. While the little people were caught in a debt trap as they had to keep paying off their credit cards and mortgages while desperately trying to find cash flow to pay their debts and expenses. The banks were borrowing money at 0 to 1% while Main Street was paying 15 to 18% on their credit cards without any income. So the government mandated closures were instrumental in taking away small businesses market share while they were busy trying to put food on the table for their kids.

We can only hope that valuable lessons have been learned from this serious encroachments on our civil liberties granted to us under the constitution. The big question is will they be duped again because of fear the next time the government tries to impose these draconian measures and I think we can be sure this is not just a onetime event. This whole experience has been a disruptive force in all of our lives and even today there are those still wearing masks and asking their friends and fellow employees if they have been vaccinated. So, we have to ask ourselves the question “Is this the new Normal?” Better yet does anyone remember what the “old normal” was like?

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Having been a victim of Covid early on in the pandemic I can tell you is was not a lot of fun lying in bed for 7 days hacking my brains out but it reminded me of how fragile our bodies are and how important it is to be healthy. Many people in my age group did not make it through this pandemic and I pray for them but the last two years of government intrusion into our lives and the fear of death that hung over our heads should never be repeated. The freedom loving people of this country should always remember what happened during this crisis and swear to never let our government instill that type of fear into us again. We need remember who the real boss is and try to bring more of God into our lives and pay less attention to the government edicts imposed on us by those we have elected to office.

I want to urge everyone to wake up during this year’s elections and learn who the people are that you are voting for as many of them will try to pull the proverbial wool over your eyes once again. They see you as the sheep and surely try and lead you to the slaughter house. We have seen what kind of damage a liberal president like Joe Biden can do in such a short time in office. But we must also be aware of the liberal minded republicans who currently have control of our state. We need to make sure they do not get reelected in the coming primaries and general elections as these were the men and women who subjected us to many of the draconian measures imposed by the Biden Administration. These so called republicans were the ones who permitted us to be locked down, closed non-essential businesses and allowed companies to coerce employees into taking vaccinations or be terminated. I want you to remember the people who were in charge that gave the orders to implement these measures. Remember the politicians who would not meet to return our legislature to emergency session. These were the same people who tried to pass legislation that would absolve the governor and themselves from any law suits for their actions. You need to think back on how Governor Brad Little pulled Hydroxychloroquine from the shelves of pharmacies and had his advisors give ultimatums to the leaders of health districts to impose mask mandates so later he could say that it wasn’t his order. Remember the Speaker of the House Scott Bedke restricting the visitor’s galleries in the capital so no one would be able to listen to the special session on immunity legislation. By all means don’t forget Representative Greg Chaney’s who closed the doors to the committee hearing on legislation to protect the governor and his cronies from lawsuits over Covid edicts.

Before you go to the polls this year to decide who will govern the people of Idaho take the time to power up your phone or computer and pull up the Idaho Freedom Foundation’s “Freedom Index” This will tell you how your representatives scored in their voting. I believe in many cases you will be very surprised and it will help you choose the right candidates to govern us going forward.

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4 replies on “The New Normal?”

This family NEVER FEARED ANYTHING! We had only anger about the lies that we saw and understood from the beginning. We know many others who never ever believed a word of any of it, so your statement that “…two years of our government instilling fear into every man, women and child on the planet” is presumptuous and false. We never wore self-suffocation devices, ever. We did not “lock down”, we continued on, ignoring the lies. We are saddened to see how many people who we thought were smart, falling for the lies, even now, still getting “boosters” of the clot shot!
As far as “The banks were borrowing money at 0 to 1% while Main Street was paying 15 to 18% on their credit cards without any income.” That is how the Rothschild controlled bank system works.

You and the people you know are amongst the minority who did not believe the government. Unfortunately up to 80% of Americans did believe them. This is not your fathers America.

This whole COVID episode over the last couple of years only confirmed my distrust of government and shined some light on just how dangerous they actually are, and how willingly We the People will just lie down and allow our lives, liberties, and pursuit of happiness to be assaulted by gov’t.

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