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The Last Stand RINO Rendezvous

In all the Western States surrounding Idaho, we are seeing a surge in the fortunes of conservative Republican candidates running in Statewide and local elections. I predict we will see a similar surge in Idaho with Raul Labrador. It does seem that Idaho will be the last “toe hold” for the Bush brothers, Boehner, Kasich, Romney, and Cheney wing of the Republican Party. The “old”—and might I add “sclerotic”—wing of the moderate Idaho Republican party is on life support.

An unpopular governor, backed by powerful corporate special-interest lobbyists will lead to a titular figurehead chief executive with the shots being called in the backrooms and late at night at the Arid Club. They have been the recipients of a terrible conservative strategy, poor conservative candidates, and a repeat from playbooks past of “triangulation.” Run one moderate progressive Republican against two conservatives and watch the conservatives split the vote and you win with less than a majority of the votes cast. We conservatives seem to like to eat our own.

The over-under for Mr. Bundy at the Ft. Hall Casino “sports desk” is now 23% for Mr. Bundy. Last week it was 18% so we have some real momentum.

If Mr. Bundy gets more than 30% of the vote there is a chance that the democrat could win with 34-35% of the vote. Very unlikely but it would be poetic justice to see “triangulation” deployed against the IACI-IMA/IHA/IEA backed unpopular candidate. What is good for the goose is good for the gander—and maybe even good for Idaho.

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So here is my plan. Let’s write a letter to Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney (“the defeated Congresswoman from Wyoming”) and invite them to come to Idaho before the election and campaign for Brad Little. WE could even have the Bundy campaign pay for the trip—a campaign contribution in kind from the Bundy camp to the establishment Little campaign. If we could get Liz and Mitt to come Mr. Bundy might break the 30% barrier. We could also invite John Kasich, Paul Ryan, the Bushes, and John Boehner and even Mitch McConnell. If we played our cards right, we could even get Lisa Murkowski to come down from Alaska and rally the RINOs in Idaho. If we can’t get Brad to talk to the people on the campaign trail, maybe one of his friends could make a speech. If we work hard enough, we might be able to find an old phone booth or an empty Butler where the rally could be held!

My hats off to the Little “team”. They don’t beat themselves and they are disciplined enough to stand back and let conservatives beat up on each other. That is called campaign discipline. That is what Joe Biden did when he hid in his basement for 6 months before being elected President—look at what we got!

Please Liz and Mitt. Come to Idaho this weekend. We could call it the Last Stand RINO Rendezvous

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Thanks for taking the time off of your busy schedule. I hope it didn’t stop you from voting for Raul and Mr. Bundy!

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