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The Insane Asylum Called Washington D.C.

We are not even through the second year of Joe Biden’s presidency, and the America we all know and love appears to be coming apart at the seams. Energy prices are at unheard-of levels, inflation running up at historical levels, we are officially in a recession, and we have a president who cannot put two cogent sentences together without sounding like a fool. So, what do Americans have to look forward to in the next two ½ years before the next presidential election? Let’s look at what our liberal friends in the house have done with the latest assault weapons ban which passed the house of representatives with the vote of two RINO republicans. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and Chris Jacobs (R-NY) crossed the aisle to vote yes as the bill passed 217 – 213.

It is not bad enough that every day we see our freedom of speech being stepped on by the social media giants we now must worry about our gun rights being given away by RINO republicans. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in serious trouble in this country, and every day we say to ourselves that it cannot get any worse, and then another shoe drops.

I think we can all agree that America is divided into the Blue and Red states with diametrically opposed ideas of where our country should be run. It is as if there is a conspiracy to put our us in such turmoil that the Big Reset that everyone has been talking about may be in process. With an open invitation on our southern border for anyone who wants to enter our country, we no longer seem to have control over our destiny, and everything is up for grabs. Millions of illegals have already been scattered throughout the country never to be seen or heard of as the Biden administration has opened the immigration door as wide as possible in hopes of gaining more votes for the democrats. The U.S. has added more than two million immigrants to its population since President Biden took office in 2021, the vast majority of them here illegally. At the current pace of growth, 14.9% of U.S. residents will be immigrants as of sometime next year. The Biden administration has also just admitted to a plan to give IDs to illegal immigrants. I thought it was interesting that the Mayor of Washington D.C. wants to call out the National Guard because of the 4,000 illegals that were shipped to her city from Texas and Arizona. This is the same mayor who turned down 20,000 national guard to manage the crowds on Jan. 6th. My how the worm has turned.

What will be next on Biden’s agenda? Well, get your wallets out people because we are all about to suffer with another blockbuster bill named the Inflation Reduction act. “LOL” You can bet this $700 billion pork sausage climate and tax bill is going to cost everyone as they are going to raise this money from an increase in corporate taxes. Problem is that every time they raise corporate taxes, the burden falls on the consumer as they raise the prices of products to pay for the additional taxes. This is pure and simple insanity. Where is the money going to be spent? The bill would devote $369 billion to climate policies, such as tax credits for solar panels, wind turbines, and electric vehicles, and tackling the impact of pollution on low-income communities. By the way, no one is saying where these low-income communities are. Who will benefit the most from these policies “CHINA” the maker of the solar panels, batteries, and wind turbines? So once again we will tax the corporations and the working class will pay more for their products so China our enemy can make billions. Nice work Joe. This bill is the biggest climate spending package in US history, and once again provides billions in subsidies for technologies that are not even going to move the needle in pollution.

Biden has taken us back to the dark days of Obama and more than likely Obama is pulling the strings of the Biden administration as we can see his fingerprints all over Bidens executive orders. So how will we turn this ship around that is heading into a Tsunami of debt and WOKENESS. Well, we can start by taking back the house of representatives and the Senate in November, but we need to keep the RINOs from being reelected.

I, for one, will not be voting a straight-line republican ticket probably for the first time in my voting history. It is time to be decerning about who we elect to office as we have seen too many of our long-term republican office holders turn on conservatives because of the money they receive from lobbyists. This will slow Joe Biden down if we win big, but he will still have the executive power to wield.

We must also make sure that we get the right people elected in our state elections as the last 2 years under the Little administration Idaho has sucked up to the feds who were handing out billions of dollars in Covid money to those that would play ball with them. Yes, you can bet that Idaho did not get eighteen billion dollars without a lot of strings attached to it. If you want to know where the surplus came from this year it was not from the economy stupid it was from an abundance of slush money from federal Covid funds. I want everyone in Idaho to think carefully when they step into the voting booth in November and decide who they want to run our state for the next four years. Do you want a crony elitist like Brad Little who gets paid off by the biggest lobbyists in and out of Idaho? A governor who issued an emergency order that lasted for two years and cost who knows how many small businesses to go under because they were not considered essential businesses. Do you want a governor who stood by while our two largest hospitals along with Micron and other corporations issued mandates to their employees to either take the untested emergency use vaccine or get dismissed? Do you want a governor who hired Marlene Tromp as President of BSU who was a former professor of Critical Race Theory? If you have not gotten the message yet, you’re doomed to another four years of DooLittle and IACI in charge. Think as an independent and do not be afraid to vote for someone who is not running with an R next to their name.

If we get November right next will be the 2024 election and I hope and pray that Trump will run for one more term as he is the only one who can turn this country around as he did in his first four years. There will be a lot of wana-bees that will try a run at the Presidential primary but even DeSantis who I have enormous respect for would not be as powerful as Trump for a second term. Those who want to support Mike Pence, I say do not be fooled by a lawyer, broadcaster, eight-term member of the House of Representatives, and Governor of Indiana. Mike Pence is not a businessman he has spent most of his life as a career politician and I doubt he could hold a candle to Trump’s career as an entrepreneur and businessman. We are going to be buried in a recession with high inflation for the next two years and it is going to take someone with Trump’s experience to pull us out of the hole that Biden has dug for us.

We only have ourselves to blame for the atrocities being put upon Americans every day by the very people we elected to protect us. We never seem to learn our lesson that we must do our homework before going to the polls and voting for these representatives who say one thing and do the exact opposite. Ask me if I think the 2020 election was rigged and I will tell you to watch the movie “2,000 Mules” as it will open your eyes as it opened mine. We need to be cognizant of the fact that the democrats think cheating in an election is ok and the RINOs are no better. You can bet they will try everything in the book to keep Trump from running again. Why do you think they are holding this Kangaroo Court on Jan 6? This inquisition is all one-sided and was planned that way to discredit Trump and keep him from running in 2024. What they are doing is criminal and I believe will come back to haunt them when the republicans take back the house.

My message is simple and always the same, we must be informed voters and think before we mark the ballot with an X or pull the lever in the voting booth because if we keep doing the same thing repeatedly, “We will once again Get the Government We Deserve.”

11 replies on “The Insane Asylum Called Washington D.C.”

Wow, I agree with everything you said especially the covid hand outs that cost something.
Get Little out,
We lost our freedom under Jay Inslee and I do fear what he’s up to next in WA! He’s a dictator. I want out of Wa!
Vote freedom!
Vote Bundy!

All of the nation’s senators and representatives should work from home.
With today’s communication systems, there is no longer a need to be in washington dc.
This way they would be close to the pulse of their constituents and far more likely to vote accordingly.
There would be a huge advantage in that the lobbyists would then be disbursed and chasing after them, instead of simply walking over to their offices to twist their arms and line their pockets.

Regarding Idaho itself: 3 of the 4 need to be replaced asap.

I agree. All those who hold political office should work from their state/district from which they were elected. Washington DC, and even Boise, are swamps that absorb most (if not all) elected officials at some point.

I agree but I do believe we need to stop calling them liberals and start calling them socialists. A liberal who wants government to do everything for them is a socialist.
By definition, many conservatives are liberals. We donate our time and money to things we believe in or to people in need. Is that not what a liberal is?
Am I wrong?

Bob, are you going to vote for Blue Republican Mike Crapo instead of me?
Scott Cleveland- Independent Conservative
Just curious

Pence is a traitor. He single-handedly sealed the coup initiated during the election late counting, by accepting the BIDEN electors for seven states that submitted dual slates of electors. It was Pence’s constitutional duty to either remand those slates back to the state legislatures for clarification (preferred action) or deem the slate outcome for those states to be zero electors (the electors canceled each other), leaving the outcome of the EC count to be determined by the remaining states. Pence IS NOT TRUSTWORTHY. If some states could take weeks to finish counting “ballots,” Pence could have recessed Congress for 10 days and instructed the seven state legislatures to meet and clarify their slates.

Bob, you’re correct on every point , however if the wait is for our elected representatives and State officers to do the right thing we’ll be sadly disappointed as always. All the items you referred to are things we the people must do. All government is good for is Spending our money on everything no Constitutional Art 1 item allows for, nor did it ever. It won’t be our elected officers , it will have to be all of us to outnumber them and start back to Constitutional spending powers and fiscal policy to stop the unlawful insanity. It’s our money thenceforth it’s our responsibility to remind them of whom they work for. It’s up to us to take them to task but also to take ourselves to task as well. The challenge? It takes the whole of the people – unification is not necessarily applicable in all instances but in what the founders laid out for us to do is is absolutely essential. It will take years. Now is the time. We have great ideas. We can get together; the plan has been given to us by our founders.

I agree not to vote for Little. But the damage is done. He should have been voted out in May. A vote for Bundy only throws the race into a 3-way and how did that work out for Bush-Clinton-Perot? Ya, we could end up with a liberal Democrat at the helm! Be careful what you wish for.

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