The Global Warming Scam

There has been no bigger lie perpetrated on the people of the world than that of man-made global warming. The integrity of climate research has been compromised by ideological, financial, and political interests. The supposed “evidence” of man-made climate change has been proven false, yet climate alarmists and the media continue to invoke visions of impending environmental catastrophe. If factual scientific data had been reported at the onset of the global warming debate, the subject of man-made global warming would not be an issue today.

There have been, and always will be, periods of global warming and cooling, but evidence shows unequivocally that man’s impact on climate is virtually non-existent. The claim of a human-caused climate change is based upon speculative theories, contrived data, and faulty modeling predictions. No man-made warming has yet been detected that is distinct from naturally-occurring weather patterns.

The earth’s temperature has fluctuated for thousands of years. Our current temperature is well below the average temperature in the past 3000 years. Between 800-1200 A.D., average temperatures were seven to nine degrees warmer than today, with no adverse effects.

Climate alarmists base their “evidence” for human-caused global warming on climate models and manipulated historical data. None of the climate models have ever been accurate. Global climate models can only produce meaningful results if we already know exactly how the global climate works, which we do not. Climate models cannot predict future climate, only “what if” scenarios based on arbitrarily selected data.

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Historical temperature data has been altered by entities such as the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to reflect a higher average temperature, in an apparent attempt to bolster the global warming narrative. An analysis of the unaltered data shows no increase in average temperature in the last 18 years, and a slight overall cooling trend in the United States over the last decade.

Those who champion the global warming narrative tell us there is a “consensus” among scientists that human-caused climate change is real. The stated “consensus” amounts to nothing more than a handful of climate models that reached a consensus based on contrived data, and a handful of scientists who parroted the narrative rather than risk losing research funding. The larger consensus is those who don’t support the theory of man-made global warming.

Since 1992, more than 20,000 scientists from 106 different countries, most with advanced degrees, have gone on record stating that the notion of man-made global warming is based on flawed theories and contrary to their research. This list includes more than 75 Nobel Prize winners, and a founder of Greenpeace. For every scientist that supports the claim of global warming, there are twenty who do not.

The global warming narrative offers an excuse for governments to increase taxes and create taxpayer-funded green energy projects. Make no mistake, this is all about money. The greater the fear of a climate catastrophe, the more amenable people will be to accepting higher taxes and higher energy costs, which will ultimately be the result if we restrict our use of fossil fuels.

Our government should support rational measures to protect and improve the environment, but it does not make sense to back expensive programs that divert resources from proven needs. Climate science should not be contaminated by political agendas. Taxpayers should be outraged when they see billions of dollars per year devoted to research based on the imaginary consequences of a hypothetical problem, while other serious needs are ignored.

We need to take a rational scientific approach, not an emotional approach, to the study of climate change within the context of known natural climate history. Those of us who provide sound, factual climate data will continue to rise above the rhetoric. We, as a country, should not continue to accept the lies and the fear-mongering that continue to drive up our cost of living and diminish our quality of life.

There are mountains of solid evidence available that easily debunk the myth of human-caused climate change, much of which you will find in my book Spin Game. As the so-called “evidence” for man-made climate change evaporates, solutions for dealing with natural climate variances are becoming increasingly clear. Rather than trying to mitigate a threat that will likely never happen, we should be concentrating on adaptation, a far less expensive alternative.

At present, the costs of reducing carbon emissions vastly exceed the benefits. The annual cost per U.S. household is estimated at $3900.00, and there will be extensive job losses.

Unfortunately, even as the majority of people become educated to the facts of true climate science, there will always be a core group of alarmists whose financial and political agendas get in the way of common sense.

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