The Dangers of Today’s Cancel Culture

As we enter an era of “Cancel Culture“, we see nothing new, only something renewed. When Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany wanted to wage war on England and the rest of the world, he began his march to World War One with a “cancel culture” movement. It was the systematic reconstruction of history and even moral principles of the people. He managed, through his staff, to change the mindset of the people to a point where they were ready to instigate the single most deadly war in the Earth’s history … World War One.

Not having learned from the first experience, Adolf Hitler managed a ‘cancel culture‘ even more extreme than that of the previous dictatorship under the Kaiser. His campaign was swift, enhanced by newer technologies and techniques than those enjoyed by the previous despot. Hitler’s ‘cancel culture‘ rewrote history and changed the very educational institutions from Kindergarten through University level. By the time he was done this man had an iron grip on the hearts, souls, minds and bodies of his nation and followers around the world. He then embarked on what was to be known as World War Two, the second ‘Great War‘.

It was shortly after World War Two officially ended that Mao Zi Dong began his own programme of ‘cancel culture‘ in what is now known as Communist China. He, like Adolf Hitler, managed a complete grip on the Chinese people. This led not to a World War, but the slaughter of over 40 million of his own Chinese people. This was tolerated and even celebrated by those who knew of the atrocities of Maoist China. Again, advanced technologies and techniques allowed this.

Not forgetting the late Soviet Union, it was Vladimir Lenin, followed by a chain of dictators, who formed the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Again, utilizing highly advanced technique, technology, and with a zeal unseen before Lenin took hold of the very soul of Eastern Europe. The USSR was alive and well. In their society we witnessed mass murders on a scale unequalled in the history of the world. Their slaughter of their own people coinciding with that of dozens of other nations in a slow but sure plan of conquest is second to none. All of this again relied on ‘cancel culture‘. It is the mechanism of ‘cancel culture‘ to erase or rewrite the history of the people, and then indoctrinate them with such. They authored The Cold War.

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One would think that we’d learn from these few of many examples, but alas this is not the case. In our own country today books are being burned, statues torn down, textbooks rewritten, and all major media sources are re-inventing American history to a point that, in only a few years, it will be indistinguishable from the lies of the Communist perpetrators behind the ‘cancel culture‘ movement.

Older books are already being hidden by their owners. Encyclopaedias already out of print are cherished as peer reviewed sources of historical data and fact. We can no longer believe television, radio, or social media as they have fallen under the jackboots of Communists leading our country. When I say, “Leading our country” I mean that they are leading us down the path to the very precipice of the abyss of Communism.

We must unite in battling the revisionist culture sweeping over our land. The flood waters of Communism, Ignorance, Propaganda, and eternal revisionism are dark and dirty. Stay on guard. Read from trusted sources. Listen to others with care and trepidation, remaining well vetted in the truth. Speak with others and keep the truth and our culture alive.

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