Ten 2017 Resolutions for ONE AMERICA… Make America Great Again!

The ten proposed Resolutions below would be a significant start to healing divisiveness that has intentionally pitted one American against another in the recent decade.

In fact, taking such actions as suggested below could restore a pride and luster to the very term, “American.” As citizens of our beloved country, we have all taken quite a political beating and dearly need to raise our head and shoulders as a proud and unified people:

  1. All citizens of the United States are Americans—no longer race-based, hyphenated-Americans. We certainly practice our ancestral customs and traditions as we choose, but we are AMERICANS. No further federal funding for ethnic purpose.
  1. U.S. Census Bureau eliminates ethnic, race-based collection data. If private sector needs such data it can create jobs and collect data through tax-paying new employment.
  1. Federal and state funding for poverty threshold persons will be based solely upon annual household income, a neutral, objective measure that disregards, race, marital status, or lifestyle choice.
  1. All American business except qualified non-profits will pay taxes, including Native American businesses. A level, competitive principle will reduce the outcome of tax-paying business closures due to competitive tax-exempt businesses.
  1. 2017 will begin a two-year federal clock for transitioning tribal governments to non-profit corporations with no jurisdictional authority and accountability to host states. Enrolled tribal members will be restored to full 14th Amendment protections of the U.S. Constitution; tribal constitutions will be repealed within one year. Tribes wishing to preserve their ancestral customs will freely do so, absent federal funding or historic “obligations” imposed upon taxpayers. The Bureau of Indian Affairs and all other such ethnic federal or state entities will be abolished.
  1. Lands held in title by the U.S. Government on behalf of tribal governments will be forthwith returned in title to tribal governments and restored to the state tax base.
  1. Constitutional Government: The only governing or jurisdictional authority conducted in America will be those recognized by the U.S. Constitution (local, state and federal).
  1. Tribal governments may no longer financially participate in American elections, commencing in 2017. No local, state or federal government entities may financially participate in election campaign contributions, nor may tribal governments.
  1. The United Nations may exercise no authority within lands of states in the United States.
  1. English will be established by Congress as the official language of the United States. New legal immigrants pursuing citizenship will be required to learn English prior to receiving American citizenship. All governmental publications will be published in English-only, a substantial cost-savings to all American government entities as well.

Elaine Willman is the author of Going to Pieces: The Dismantling of the United States of America and Slumbering Thunder: a primer for confronting the spread of tribalism overwhelming America.

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