Tell your legislators “NO!” to Idaho’s secret gun committee

As the 2016 session begins today, we march toward Constitutional Carry once again. This year Rep. Ron Nate and Rep. Heather Scott have been working together to put together a Constitutional Carry bill for Idaho citizens. Whatever version of Constitutional Carry they bring forward must be heard in the open and the fate of that bill determined by the process that has been established by the Idaho legislature.


For the last several years, a select group of legislators, unknown to Idahoans and even to many legislators, has taken it upon themselves to grab any bill put forward that deals with firearms and stick it in a backroom to determine its fate. That is the politics of Washington D.C. It should not and cannot be the politics of the Idaho legislature. You deserve and any bill deserves an open and fair hearing process. You should be able to go to your legislator and ask them to sponsor a bill. They in turn can put together a bill on your behalf and bring it to the legislative services office who in turn gives it to a proper committee for the hearing process to begin.

Contact your legislators today and DEMAND that a fair and open hearing process be given to the Constitutional Carry bill that Rep. Nate and Rep. Scott will bring forward in the coming weeks!.

Contact your legislators by going here:’smylegislator.htm

Greg Pruett
President, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance

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