Tax Them Till They Cry

Well folks the legislative session is over and the people we elected to office have once again outdone themselves. They have given us a few new dumb laws and regulations but the real kicker is the big fat $95 million tax increase with a 7 cent increase in the gas tax they passed late last night. This tax is effective July 15, 2015 and we also get to pay higher registration fees for cars, trucks and motorcycles.

Remember Butch Otter said we are the “REDDEST OF THE RED STATES” problem is we have the bluest of the blue legislators. By a vote of 51 to 19 the house passed this obscene gas tax hike which cleared the Senate by a 26 to 9 vote only ten minutes earlier. I only hope that the people of Idaho remember this next year at election time.

To top it off, a 9 year veteran of the House and Senate, my state Senator, had the audacity to complain that the bill wasn’t enough, and suggested lawmakers failed because the tax hike isn’t enough to cover yearly debt payments on the state’s bond for prior road work. Where was Marvelous Marv when the prison scandal broke or the Idaho Education Network scandal came out, and for that matter we heard nothing from this RINO when Schoolnet was exposed as a $61 million dollar failure and money down the drain?

Thanks Marv. You will not be getting my vote in 2016; you need to be fired.

Not to beat Marv up totally after all he did vote against higher costs for vital statistics records that would have saved us $100,000 a year. Visit the Idaho Freedom Foundation to see this Senator’s voting record which is nothing less than abysmal,

Marv. I hear California Calling YOU.

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