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More Tax Breaks for Corporations? When will it stop?

Once again we see government reaching into our pockets for tax dollars to secure more jobs from corporations that are not located in Idaho. Why is it that we allow these bureaucrats to spend our money on outside firms instead of giving tax breaks to in-state businesses and who are they hiring for these jobs? Are they hiring people who live in Idaho or are the bringing them in from out of state and are they competing with Idaho businesses like Paylocity. How about a little transparency for once?

It’s time that the taxpayers of Idaho questioned these tax breaks that are made by a bunch of bureaucrats instead of allowing the free market to decide who will come to Idaho and open businesses and who will not. Past history tells us that many of the companies who settle here will pass along campaign contributions to the politicians responsible for getting them the tax breaks.

Instead of giving out these breaks to these corporations how about lowering the tax rate to 5% for everyone if you really want to get the economy going. Maybe our crony bureaucrats and their task master legislators are making good livings on our tax dollars but the average citizen is struggling to make a living with two jobs. Why is Idaho one of only 13 states that has a sales tax on groceries? Isn’t the income tax and the burgeoning cost of healthcare enough? Idaho is still in the hole when it comes to median household income compared to the rest of our nation. If we did an across the board tax cut everyone would benefit as citizens would have more money to spend and the benefactors of that spending would be businesses that are already in Idaho.

We still have the highest tax burden of all the states that surround us and that is why our legislators have to keep spending our tax dollars to bring in outside businesses to open here. These dummies don’t understand that if you have low taxes you attract businesses. Wake up Governor Otter, it’s bad enough we have to put up with you for two more years, we don’t need your screwy onerous tax policies where you tax the poor to help the wealthy.

Maybe Trump will appoint you head of the IRS where you can screw everyone in the country instead of just us poor Idahoans. Thank you, Idaho Reporter for bringing this to our attention.

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