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Tale of Two Candidates: Liberal Little vs Conservative Bundy

Could it be that Idahoans are finally waking up? To those who think Idaho might be changing to a more moderate state, I would say that you really can’t make that judgement with the results of this primary election. We only saw less than a third of the registered voters go to the polls in our state and Governor Little received less than 50% of the votes if you take out all of the democrats that switched parties that voted for him. Democrats know they can’t win an election for the constitutional offices of our state so they vote for the candidate that fits their liberal mold. Those candidates were Governor Little, Scott Bedke and McCrane. I believe the story of how moderate Idaho has become will be told in the General election in November when the two key opponents will go head to head with very opposite views of how our state should be run. With Ammon Bundy as a candidate for Governor you are going to see the rural voters come out in droves and that could very well be the game changer. I also don’t think that Brad Little will be able to avoid the debating scene as he did in the primary and Ammon Bundy is a much better speaker and debater than Little. This will be a true test of where Idahoans stand. Too be sure Little will be well armed with millions of political PAC dollars from IACI and friends. His campaign spent millions in the primary with very critical ads about his opponents yet he could only muster less than 49% of the vote without out the Democrats.

The real problem for Bundy will be to convince the independent moderates and women voters that he is not the anarchist that the liberal media portrays him as. I believe Ammon needs to get his side of the story out about how he stood up to the government for the constitutional rights of his family both in Nevada at his Dads ranch and at the wildlife preserve. I believe he was unlawfully persecuted and prosecuted by the government and the liberal media for defending our liberties. People need to keep in mind that the judge dismissed all the charges against Bundy because of the many problems with the government’s case as they withheld tons of exculpatory evidence. It’s hard to believe they spent $100 million prosecuting Bundy and got a sharp stick in their eye by the judge. Ammon and his family went through a literal hell with the various government agencies prosecuting him for honest attempts to right the wrongs of government overreach and oppression. You have to understand that the judge’s ruling to drop all charges against Mr. Bundy with prejudice left the government prosecutors with lots of egg on their faces but the media never reports this. If Bundy can get Idahoans to understand that he is just a Dad trying to protect his family and deal with the corrupt politicians who continually trample on our rights there is a good chance he could be our next governor. Mr. Bundy is anything but a radical right-wing nut, he is an entrepreneur who has built several companies worth millions of dollars which gives him the practical experience necessary to run this state unlike Governor Little who allows all of his advisors to make his decisions after checking with IACI.

There is a stark difference between these two candidates. Little has been privileged to have grown up in a very well to do family and was handed a thriving ranching business by his Dad. He was appointed to the legislature by governor Dirk Kempthorne and again appointed Lt. Governor by Otter. Little was groomed to be a politician for years while Bundy has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. Little has become the consummate politician a creature of the IACI cabal where he was once chairman of the board. While Bundy and Little have both grown up exposed to the ranching business if you look in Bundy’s back pocket you find a pocket knife and if you look in Little’s pocket you find an American Express card. If you see Little in the winter walking in downtown Boise he will probably be wearing a full length cashmere coat while you will find Bundy in a Wool jacket and a cowboy hat. The differences between these two is like day and night when it comes to returning our state to real conservatism. Little continues to expand government bureaucracy while Bundy wants to cut the bureaucracy.

After several interviews with Mr. Bundy I have come to the conclusion that he is the real deal and his passion to Keep Idaho, Idaho is unmatched by any of the other candidates running. Mr. Bundy has a little over five months to get his message out to Idahoans and the RINOs are going to throw everything they have at him including the kitchen sink. I do believe that he has a good opportunity to win in November if he can rally the rural Idahoans who don’t always go to the polls and convince enough independent moderates and women that he is the candidate Idaho needs. I would not be surprised if the media started their attack on him tomorrow. Only time will tell how this race will turn out but I do believe that Bundy is going to give Little a run for IACI’s money.

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12 replies on “Tale of Two Candidates: Liberal Little vs Conservative Bundy”

I absolutely agree with your assessment of Ammon Bundy. I have had the opportunity to hear him speak multiple times and I believe he is a good and honorable man. He certainly earned my vote.

Didn’t vote for Little last cycle and won’t vote him this time, especially after ccp virus fiasco and his lack of leadership. Glad to hear positive things about Bundy. I look forward to hearing him speak.

My wife and I have been to several of his rallies and find him a breath of fresh air. The RINO/Dem coalition pushing Little, Bedke, McGrane, et. al. sponsored by IACI, KTVB, and the Covid millions of dollars does not bode well for our state. We need to break this insidious cycle in November. We’ll be there for Ammon.

First off we have the 2000 mules proof, Rigged and soon the Selection Code. All letting us know we do not have safe elections. So until we clean up all the mess of fraud, it does not matter. Yes, vote, but know it most likely has an outcome that someone else is controlling.

Little=RINO lackey. Bundy=Owed overdue money to the Feds for grazing rights! He summoned other Mormon’s for his support in NV. Moved onto OR and got Levoy killed….he isn’t a conservative or a Libertarian, he is a shit disturber….with a axe to grind against the gov. Not a good feature for a leader in Boysee! I look at it as we have very “Little” to choose from in Nov. We really needed President Trump to rally for Janice….like he did in WY.

Craig, you do not know the real Ammon Bundy. If you did you would not write such dribble. He is an honorable man. Not what the lying media writes about him. He is about Freedom, yours and mine. I stand with him and beside him all the way. God bless him.

I held many of your feelings about Ammon until I met him and listened to him. I invite you to do the same. I have never met a person who has met Ammon and listened to his story who has not come away feeling that he is a good man and qualified to be Governor. I have met many who feel differently about Brad as they get to know him better. Your comments reflect what you have heard in the media. All charges were dropped against him with “Prejudice” in Federal Court in Neveda. He has never been violent in any of his actions. He has been willing to suffer personally physically, financially, and has put his principles on the line. Can the same be said about Brad? Ammon has only fought for his family and liberty. Not for money, power, or influence. What is Brad fighting for IACI and the IMA/IHA and cronyism? Give the man a chance and I believe you will be won over—-as will many Idaho families—-mothers, fathers, and grandparents—-for the sake of our children.

I had the same experience with Ammon. I went into his townhall meeting being “not so sure.” After listening to him, and then speaking to him for ten minutes, I walked out “sure.” I have then researched him thoroughly over the past three months. He is exactly as described by John Livingston and others above. He is who the majority of Idahoans say (scream) they want, yet he is standing right in front of us and we do not see him. Yet. Please everyone – encourage all Idahoans to go to Vote Bundy and read and watch material about Ammon. I think you will make the same transition unconditionally toward Ammon.

I have been evaluating Bundy vs Little, finding his videos very helpful, and I have seen Little’s true nature exposed through his terrible handling of CCV and his claim that he never shut down Idaho! Even for those who are unsure about Bundy because they may see him as unpredictable, I would dare them to compare the two: Which is honest? Which is passionate? Which loves liberty? And which loves Idaho? I think all those are true of Bundy and untrue of Little. If Bundy’s still grappling with some of the issues that are important to this campaign, at least we can see that he cares. He won’t be just a governor doing governor things the way all governors tend to do them. He will question the status quo (I think this is a lot of what people fear; don’t they hate it when people upset the apple cart? Even if all its apples are rotten!) and he will come up with stunning and innovative and right responses to the problems that are assailing us everywhere.

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