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Taking out Idaho’s Political Trash

When I moved to Idaho 30 years ago from N.Y.C. I was looking for a place to settle with my family and get away from the high taxes and crooked politicians who were firmly in control of most east coast states including N.Y. and N.J. In 1992 Idaho was still a bastion of conservatism and the Rhino herd was just beginning to fester in the fields of the Treasure Valley that were still full of corn fields and cows. It took 20 years of engineering by the elite class of Idaho to change our great state into a quagmire of politicians whose only goal is to satisfy the lobbyists who pay for their campaigns so they can screw their constituents for another 2 years. We are now at the precipice of turning our state blue and you can be sure that at the heart of this is Alex Le Beau and his IACI cabal of elitist’s executives.

Today I have been inundated with text messages from just about every Rhino running for a prominent State or Federal office and I have made a point of replying to each and every one of them in an appropriate manner. For example Senator Crapo wanted my vote and I politely texted back “thanks to you my great grandchildren will be paying for your vote for the 1 trillion pork infested infrastructure bill”. To Mr. McGrane I texted back that he would never get my vote and should ask Mr. Zuckerberg for his vote since he took his money. I could go on but there really is no purpose as these messages will continue for another two days till the election is over.

As we have just been informed of charges of election shenanigans in the Magic Valley in a dispute over poll watchers and poll challengers being allowed at the polls. Here is a link that will describe the current dispute. While we all know that election fraud is prevalent in our country one would never have expected it in such a conservative state like Idaho but alas we are not immune from the scoundrels who would do whatever is necessary to retain their power. If you’re not up on what happened in the 2020 presidential election and the potential fraud that took place we suggest you watch the movie 2000 Mules by Dinesh D’Sousa which we have posted a link provided by Bit Chute on our site.

Honest elections are a thing of the past and anyone who thinks this one will be different is only kidding themselves. Between the derogatory ads on TV and radio not to mention the ones in specific newspapers it is difficult at best to figure out who is telling the truth. We are in the information age of instantaneous communications which can be manipulated any which way to garner the curious but mentally ill equipped to discern which are lies and which are truths. The voters of Idaho have been hoodwinked before by both Otter and Little with the help of their cadre of elitists lobbyists and it is about to happen again. Our history as a primarily republican state is that if you win the republican primary you are a shoe in to win the general in November. This is where the rub if a candidate gets less than 50% of the vote they should not automatically be elected to office but that is not the case in our state. We need to get a system where if we have a race with 3 candidates like in 2018 with Little, Ahlquist and Labrador running and no one gets 50% there should be a required runoff election between the two largest vote getters. Unfortunately I doubt that as long as the Rino’s are in charge this will ever come to pass as it would be a great inconvenience to them to have the possibility of losing an election they bought and paid for.

This Tuesday will be more of the same as 2018 where you will have 3 candidates running and whoever gets the most votes even if they don’t get 50% will be the republican candidate in the general and we believe that will be Governor Doolittle. As much as it pains me to say that the hand writing is on the wall and we will have 4 more years of his climate change fantasy calling Columbus Day Indigenous Person Day and claiming there is no Critical Race Theory being taught in our schools? By the way did you know that on April 30th he issued drought conditions for 34 of Idaho’s 44 counties? Guess what he was wrong again as of this past week only 4 counties were under their average rainfall and only two below 90%. You can bet he will take all the credit for the additional rain fall. The one thing we can be sure of here in Idaho is there will be no shortage of Idahoans on Medicaid who do not qualify. You will never hear the Governor talk about that issue as these people to be sure will cast a vote for the guy who makes sure they get free medical care. There will also be no shortage of support from Idaho’s state employed workers or teachers as everyone is getting a raise. By the way he never did repeal the Grocery Tax as he promised.

So here we are folks facing an imminent change in our state from Red to Blue and an electorate that does not seem to care and in fact it appears that they are just fine with this change. I must say I never thought I would see the day that Idaho would turn into a small N.Y.C. but here it is becoming just that right before my very old eyes. You would think at 77 years of age these things I write about would not bother me but I was cut from a different cloth than most and have fought the good fight for most of my life. While I would like to see things change in our state I’m not sure that is possible as we have seen time and again that Idahoans are lured into believing that the politicians they elected are truly working for them. It will be no different this time although we have a new group of conservatives running for office and maybe we will get lucky and win 2 or 3 of the constitutional offices like Attorney General and Secretary of State maybe even wind up with a Lady Lt. Cornel as our Lt. Governor. Only the good Lord knows how things will turn out but I sure hope that he sees the wrongs that have been done by the politicians of our state and gives a hand in correcting them in this election. Oh and I almost forgot Governor Little will have another challenger in the general. That person would be Ammon Bundy who we wish the best and hope he beats the pants off Doolittle.

We wish all the true conservatives good luck on Tuesday and hope and pray that we can take back our state from the political phonies and elitists who want to take it away from us. If you’re looking for the conservative candidates go to this link and see their voting records.


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Thanks for fighting the good fight Bob. The establishment RINO’s look to continue. It is almost funny when I get a response from Simpson or one of the other RINO,s they usually don’t directly answer what I ask them, then go on and on about unimportant issues they have had a hand in.

IF YOU’RE TRULY INTERESTED in taking out the political trash, we need to do everything we can to eliminate Article’ 6’s Christian test ban, where mandatory biblical qualifications for civil leaders were also eliminated.

Have you ever wondered just HOW America has ended up with the caliber of civil “leaders” she has today?

Do you think it might just have something to do with Article 6’s Christian test ban by which mandatory biblical qualifications were likewise eliminated? Once adopted, it was inevitable that America would be ruled by nothing but nincompoops, scoundrels, incompetents, immoral reprobates, and outright criminals.? Sound familiar?

Take nincompoops, for example. Exodus 18:21’s qualifications begin with the fear of Yahweh. Kings David and Solomon point out the fear of Yahweh is the beginning of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Thus, without the fear of Yahweh, you end up with, at best, nincompoops as your alleged leaders.

The best you can ever get from the Constitutional Republic’s unbiblical election system is the lessers of two evils. Sometimes, the worst of the worst. And always, the evil of two lessers.

For more regarding Article 6’s Christian test ban, see Chapter 9 “Article 6: The Supreme Law of the Land” of free online book “Bible Law vs. the United States Constitution: The Christian Perspective” at

Find out how much you *really* know about the Constitution as compared to the Bible. Take our 10-question Constitution Survey in the right-hand sidebar and receive a complimentary copy of a book that *examines* the Constitution by the Bible.

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