John Livingston

Donald Trump was “Joe Brinkmaned”

I watched the TV pundits on several channels—some gleefully celebrating, discuss the Trump jury verdict in real time. For me there was nothing surprising in either the verdicts or the demeanor and professionalism of many reporting the news. Both conservative and progressive legal commentary provided evidence that their side was correct. Johnathan Turley or Rachel […]

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The Great Awaking

Yes, folks, they just convicted Donald Trump of a Nonexistent Crime. Just in case you haven’t figured it out yet we are definitely a country under siege and Americans are finally waking up to that fact. History was made this past week when the Kangaroo Court in N.Y.C. and a dishonest Judge that was hand […]

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To the White House Cabal, the Joke is on You

Many questions surround the recent trial and conviction of former President Trump. The trial itself was not related to any behavior while in office, but rather through his business dealings as a private citizen prior to taking office. Most likely the group of suspected conspirators, both within and outside of the White House, are dancing […]

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