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Time for Rep. Kelley Packer to Pack her Baggage and Find a Real Job

Why is it that we have so few truly conservative candidates running for office in this reddest of the red states? When we look at the list for Lieutenant Governor, I have to cringe, bow my head, and pray that the bad ones don’t get elected. Let’s examine Representative Kelley Packer a three-term member of […]

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Rep. Priscilla Giddings: Despotism in Idaho?

As a new legislator, I anticipated the onslaught of new information during my first term. I was definitely NOT expecting the lack of professionalism or to be patronized, bullied, strong-armed, verbally threatened or called a “liar” and “crazy.” Apparently, the viciousness of the national political scene has worked its way into Idaho, and so too […]

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