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‘Summer of Love’ Capitol Hill Appeasement Zone ‘Fake News’

‘A Letter to our Friends Living in CHAZ’

As you know, I always try to make a negative into a positive. Lynn and I so miss your family and we really want to watch those boys grow up and be part of their lives. So in light of the recent news about the social unrest in Seattle and because you have reassured me that this is all “fake news” and also after listening to your Mayor this AM say that the Capital Hill unrest is just like a big “block party”, I thought maybe there would be an opening to come visit. I 1st opened up Expedia to see if there were any low-cost flights to “CHAZ” Often times when new territories become countries there are tourist promotions that can be found for those wanting to visit. No luck. There are also no Air Flights on Northwest, Horizon, or United to CHAZ.

So, I decided to look a little further and the UN, World Bank, and WHO have no record of CHAZ, though the UN said that it would entertain an application for membership. Apparently, CHAZ is a little bigger than the Vatican and a little smaller than Lichtenstein. The rulers of CHAZ share a political philosophy with our dear President Donald Trump. They are building borders at a very rapid pace and are fortifying those boarders with armed guards and walls and barricades. They seem to be building up a strong military fast and have a very high ratio of armed citizens/total citizens. A reverence and respect for the 2nd Amendment! Good to see.

I am trying to find information about governance and economic characteristics of CHAZ. Are they planning to have a “Diversity and Inclusiveness Department of Social Justice”? Will they have a Department of Health, Welfare, and Homelessness”? Will they have Courts and Jury trials and due process? Will property be held by citizens or by the State? Or maybe by the Warlords! Will CHAZ have a State-run newspaper and will “The War Lord” guarantee freedom of speech? Will there be public schools with textbooks and teachers? Will there be police and fire services in CHAZ?

Like the United States CHAZ is experimenting with a new form of government never before known to mankind—TOTANALOR form of a hybrid government. TOTANALOR Totalitarian Anarchy Warlord. Its economic future is not promising. They have almost no natural resources and nobody amongst the populace has any skills.

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They have been unable to come up with a tax plan to subsidize this new form of government but until they do they plan to extort business and private families for “tribute for protection”. Maybe they could also demand tribute, from the Seattle Police and politicians who seen to cower at the threat of violence.

Razz Samone seems to be a very capable leader. I would put him up against Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Mitt Romney, John Kasich, or Paul Ryan anytime. Are there plans for a State Religion? Will people be able to take a bath in CHAZ? Will young College graduates still be able to live in their parent’s basements in CHAZ? Will you be able to listen to Rush in Chaz without earphones? I am concerned about American citizens trapped in CHAZ. Will they be able to get out? As more homeless move into CHAZ will there be the same social infrastructure available to them as what is available to the local citizens? Will they have a pro football team? Will Colin Kapernick be their QB? Will Pete Carroll be the coach? When he calls in a play to Colin would that be a “virtue signal”?

Will people be able to buy tickets to games, or will everyone just stand in line and wait for a government bureaucrat to get bribes so tickets could be appropriately allocated? Will the team colors be Red (Red Army) and White (White Army) with gold and brown trim for the Czar and the Bolsheviks? Will they be called “The Comrades”? Will they be bringing the statue of Lenin over from Ballard and be Placing it in front of the occupied police station or in front of the football stadium?

PS Just got a new Tweet from The Nation of CHAZ They are requesting an airlift of guns, Gatorade, cigarettes, MJH, Mogan David and compost toilets seems like they are planting a community garden.

Love to all
Miss you and hope to see you soon.

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