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Suggestions for the Idaho Legislature

Greetings Idaho State legislators: cc: Governor Little and Lt. Governor Bedke: Some items to consider:

TAXES: The Idaho Tax Commission is canceling the Circuit Breaker Program for many seniors on fixed incomes because the inflated property values has disqualified them. A friend with a home that has been paid for years lost her Circuit Breaker because her property value exceeds the Tax Commission rules. Her income has NOT increased for years! She filed an appeal to the Tax Commission which was a joke! It was a total waste of time to appeal! She met with the lawyer for the tax commission. He said he could not grant her desire to have the Circuit Breaker restored. He said the legislature (meaning you) would have to change the law.

Taxes should be based on income, not property value! Senior citizens on a fixed income are being taxed out of their homes. Please pass a law to base taxes on income not inflated home values. Thank you.

EDUCATION: While the governor is correct that we are likely headed for a recession, however, he proposed another big increase in education spending. The education budget has been increased 29% in the last two years. The governor’s special session gave education over $300 million more dollars. Where is the money going? I understand supplemental levies are still to be used to raise more money for local school’s needs!

What are the results. Our students are not reading at grade level. The same is true for math. Get rid of Common Core which is dumbing down our students. Common Core comes through the US. Dept. of Education from the un-American United Nations. According to an Idaho university professor friend, he said incoming freshman are largely Socialists. They do not have any appreciation for the principles that made this country great!

For civics and American history, I would recommend, “The 5000 Year Leap” which outlines the 28 principles of liberty and freedom contained in The Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution. This one book would make a big difference in Idaho education!

Stop the drag queen presentations and CRT and transgender promotion. Stop the formation of Satan clubs in our schools and colleges.

MEDICAL: Medicaid payments WILL bankrupt the state unless it is drastically modified. I understand that over 200,000 people in Idaho literally get FREE health care. An emergency care nurse told me that the same people come in almost weekly for assistance. Most could be treated at home she said. This must stop before it bankrupts the state.

MARIJUANA: Do not legalize: Car accidents and insurance will go up drastically as it has in states that have legalized it. In California before moving to Idaho, I had a pot smoking lab assistant. He was worthless when high on pot!

Please let me know you will take a stand to uphold the US and Idaho Constitutions and the Republican platform. Thanks.

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