Strange and Dangerous Times

A Cry for Sanity and a Call to Arms

We live under various levels of martial law, on the account of a viral epidemic perceived, purported, and propagandised as a new ‘Great Plague’. Many of us now wear masks, and a fairly large number [certainly not a majority] wear eye protection and gloves as well. The wearing of masks has grown so pernicious and rapidly as to bring thousands to wear face protection even in their own homes, or automobiles. When you add the ‘physical distancing’ of 6 feet in the USA, 3′ in almost all of the world, you have a far more insidious effect in reaching down into the roots of our social structure and yanking hard. Much social destruction has already been achieved, but the forces of evil will not stop at this, and have not yet. As Americans run around in a blind hysteria born of propagandist lies, believing their lives are in imminent danger from the Wuhan China Virus, there is an equally insidious set of forces at work.

Remembering that the mission of these evil forces is to destroy the unity of America, setting Whites on Black, Blacks on White, and marginalizing all other races. These same forces play their unwitting pawns not only along racial lines, but on sexual lines. They have managed to convince a majority of Americans that homosexuality is nothing more than an alternate lifestyle, and that they have a right to all the powers and privileges of legal marriage. Having birth to the LGBTQ movement, these evil and designing men and women have caused huge rifts between the sane and the insane. Yes, LGBTQ behaviour is an aberrant and deviant behaviour born of acute mental illness.

From abortion to euthanasia and the very right to religious and spoken freedoms we are now under siege. If you haven’t already given in and succumbed to the lies and fabrications of a government gone off the rails, they are counting on you to join them eventually. Through television, radio, social media, even from the pulpit these bastards have their sights on a ‘new world’, a Communal existence of order, obedience, and slavery. This is called Communism.

With many of our political leaders such as Joseph Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Lori Lightfoot, and host of other in positions of mayor, city council member, county commissioner, county commission member, governor, lieutenant governor, state legislators, United States Congress and Senate members, and even past presidents all being closet or open communists we are truly under siege.

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I urge you, with all of my heart, to resist the forces of evil with those tools still in your hands:

  • Peaceful assembly and protest.
  • Civil disobedience in the form of unauthorized protest and gathering.
  • Voting your conscience and for the individual, not the political party.
  • Speaking with friends and keeping one another informed of government and media moves.
  • Maintaining and possessing your weapons, learning their safe and responsible use.
  • Speaking out on talk radio wherever permitted.
  • Launching a social media campaign such as YouTube, Twitter, etc. Let your voice be heard.
  • Obeying only laws legally created through the Legislature and ratified by Executive ratification.

As I stand on the deck of our burning ship I am bailing water to throw on the fires of Communist and Satanic takeover of this grand experiment called the Republic of the United States of America. I reach, fill the bucket, and toss the water where I can. But I cannot do it alone!

Please, help me by paying attention to local talk radio, weeding through the lies and deceptions of Hollywood, New York, and Washington, D.C. Help yourselves by staying informed and acting! If you don’t register to vote, and don’t vote, you will be handing over your very souls to the evil and designing forces behind what they perceive as the eventual conquest of the greatest land and people in the history of the world!

I am doing literally all that I can. I am putting more hours into the fight than most of you put into your jobs. Set your sights on the future, the big picture, and don’t get lost in the petty details of your day-to-day lives! Care for your families, work your jobs, plan for your financial future … but plan for your future … Period!

I will fight until the water reaches my ankles. I will fight until I am waist deep in the filth and corruption of the Communist ‘Utopian Dream’, but then I’m out of here! It’s up to all of us and I’m doing all I possibly can. How about you?

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