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Stop the Salmon Falls Wind Project

Please help stop the Salmon Falls and Lava Ridge Wind Farms projects. Please contact Governor Little and our Congressional Delegation and express strong opposition to these taxpayer paid for boondoggles. NONE OF THE ELECTRICITY STAYS IN IDAHO! THESE PROJECTS RAPE THE LANDS OF IDAHO! THERE ARE NO BENEFITS TO IDAHO!

The many reasons are listed below. It will take tremendous citizen pressure, particularly on Governor Little, who favors these wind projects, to stop these projects. Please forward to your email list. Thanks. Remember, freedom is not free! Please take time to preserve our Idaho lands and heritage.

A concerned citizen: Adrian Arp, Ph.D.

Note: The Twin Falls County Commissioner have signed a Resolution against the Salmon Falls wind project. Please encourage Jerome, Lincoln and Minidoka Commissioners to do the same.

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CONTACTS TO STOP WIND FARM PROJECTS. Governor & Congressional Delegation:

Governor Brad Little: copy and paste letter in the comment section
Phone number is 208-334-2100.

Rep. Mike Simpson: copy and paste at this site:
Washington phone is 202-225-5531 Twin Falls number is: 208-734-7219

Rep. Russ Fulcher: copy and paste at this site:
Washington phone is: 202-225-6611

Senator Mike Crapo: Send to: Samantha Marshall:
Washington phone is 202-224-6142 Twin Falls number is: 208-734-2515

Senator Jim Risch: Send to: Mike Mathews:
Washington phone is: 202-224-2752 Twin Falls number is: 208-734-6780

Wind Turbine Projects in Idaho must be vigorously opposed! There are many reasons listed from a Petition requesting denial of Magic Valley Energy, LLC proposal of Salmon Falls Wind Turbine Project connected by the SWIP Line. Most of these are some of the same reasons all Wind Turbine Projects in Idaho must be STOPPED! These reasons include the following:

  1. Rural gentrification & displacement by a wealthy out of state investor. LS Power. The power does not stay in Idaho but is exported to California and Nevada. Reason enough!
  2. Loss of Historical, Cultural and Sacred Grounds. Loss of visual and spiritual experience for visitors to: Rock Creek Station & Stricker Homesite, Salmon Falls Dam, Toana Freight Wagon Road, Snake River Canyon, Chinese dwellings in the Snake River Canyon, Oregon Trail, Kelton Trail, Shoshone Basin and Diamond Field Jack Area.
  3. Economic impacts to adjoining property owners. Generations of ranches will lose grazing and no documented mitigation plan for their losses has been offered. Crop dusters will not be able to control agriculture pests or diseases.
  4. Ecosystems disruption: Migratory paths & Winter range of Mule Deer, Elk and Pronghorn Antelope. Bird Kills: Eagles, Cranes, Swans, ducks, Blue Birds, etc. Loss of habitat for endangered species Sage Grouse habitat and Pigmy Rabbit habitat.
  5. Fire and Emergency Response (loss of the use of airplane for firefighting).
  6. Excess use of water during construction and cooling large storage batteries. Water is needed for agriculture and firefighting and may not be available.
  7. Loss of Public Access.
  8. Loss of Hunting Units.
  9. Very dangerous EMF and EMR’s.
  10. Large scale battery storage is hazardous.
  11. Large possibility of Invasive species plants at the construction sites.
  12. Noise pollution from construction and wind turbine blades.
  13. Light pollution.
  14. Law Enforcement & Emergency Service Communication disruptions.
  15. Heavy loads on rural county & state Highways will likely cause severe road damage.
  16. Loss of Civil Liberties of the local population land owners.
  17. TRAFFIC: Wide and long loads holding up traffic.
  18. After construction only up to 20 jobs for 25 years. Then a poor reclamation plan.
  19. Wind turbines increase Mental Health issues and possible suicides.
  20. An increase of Labor Shortages for a rapidly growing Magic Valley.
  21. Geological changes from the construction blasting which may disturb the aquifer and ground water levels.
  22. The wind turbine parts for Salmon Falls project are to be made in China, our enemy!
  23. Wind Turbine Oil leaks, when seals fail, will contaminate the land and water.
  24. Wind Turbines cause drying of ground surface moisture & increase soil temperatures.
  25. The towns of Hollister & Rogerson are too small for the influx of construction workers to provide water, sewer, food, & garbage services. Also, the lack of affordable housing, school facilities, health care, emergency services & local labor force to serve as caretakers.
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5 replies on “Stop the Salmon Falls Wind Project”

This is bad. I’ve listened to so many people in the US and Canada who have had adverse reactions to just one or two of these in their vicinity. This should not go through. The author has provided all the necessary contact sources and we should use them. Again and again until they vote it down.

Email sent to all as listed in article. although it feels like a full time job telling the local, state and fed governments to stop doing dumb things, I don’t see another option so, we persevere best we can.

Monarch Butterflies migrate through the Lava Ridge proposed turbine area. Monarchs are threatened pollinators. What impact will turbines have on air currents and sound frequency that flying creatures use in navigation?

^^Both of these are absolutely right. These alternative energy projects are not made from fairy dust. These are supposed magic solutions to real problems. We need gas and oil. Wind and solar will NOT help us get off oil and gas. . Quite the opposite! When the wind stops, so do those blades. When the sun doesn’t shine, those solar panels are useless. This is and always has been a political tool. I too, will be sending my emails to those “politicos” who need to stop this madness.

I emailed everyone on the list. Already got a response from Crapo telling me he supports these projects. Big surprise that he supports something that is destroying Idaho.

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