Stop Complaining and Do Something

Listening to the President speak last night was like watching my worst nightmare come true. Here is a man who ran his last election on hope, and change. Well after last night’s speech I can find few reasons for hope and the only change we are going to get is what he wants to impose on the American people through executive orders.

I must say this is not the President’s fault, he certainly can’t change who he is. We have to lay the blame on the voters in this country who sat out the last election because they didn’t like the alternative choice, Mitt Romney, or just didn’t vote. Instead they allowed the liberal left once again gain control of the Oval office and condemned us to four more years of tyranny and treachery from a rogue administration that cares not for the good of the American people but only about invoking and enforcing dictatorship like policies through more regulation.

Had the American people sat down and read Obama’s resume in 2007, they would never have elected him to office in the first place. Here was a Harvard educated senator with two years of experience and a background in community organizing. There is nothing more dangerous than an inexperienced politician with a liberal progressive education and background.

We have an opportunity in 2014 to begin to change our country and give power back to the people. We need to bring back the conservatism that will lower our debt, reduce unemployment, rein in regulations and bring some leadership to our foreign policy. Conservatives need to unite and stop all the infighting that has been going on. The attacks that House Speaker Boehner has been making on the Tea Party conservatives are exactly the strategy that will give the Senate and House back to the liberals. We need true conservative leadership that will help us take back the Senate and increase our numbers in the House of Representatives. Many Republicans have been slowly moving to the left and have become moderates that no longer hold true conservative values. They need to be purged from elected office in 2014 at both the state and national level. The people must get off of their couches and stop watching their big screen TV’s. They need to become engaged and get out the vote so we can recover those conservative values we hold so dear. We can only win this fight at the ballot box so stand up America and get involved in this next election both on a State and national level. You are the answer to turning our country around and bringing back true conservative American values.

Tea Party Bob

Gem State Patriot News