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St. Luke’s vs Bundy & Associates – Persecution or Prosecution?

There are two ways to look at the St. Luke’s vs Bundy case. Is Bundy being persecuted or prosecuted as there is a distinct difference between the two.

Persecution is the act or practice of persecuting; harassing or oppressive treatment; especially, the infliction of injury (as loss of property or civil rights, physical suffering, or death) as a punishment for adhering to some opinion or course of conduct, as a religious creed or a mode of worship, which cannot properly be regarded as criminal.

The prosecution is the side of a legal case that argues that a person who is accused of a crime is guilty.

As we understand it his whole problem started with St. Luke’s bringing in Child Protective Services when a doctor’s appointment by Diego Rodriguez’s daughter for her infant child was missed. We are not going to get into the he said she said of what was right or wrong with what St. Luke’s or CPS did or didn’t do. We are only interested in the fact that there was a peaceful protest at St. Luke’s hospital. St. Luke’s claims it should receive punitive damages, which a jury is permitted to award if it’s decided that outrageous conduct occurred with the intent to cause harm.

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So let’s take a step back in time to May 11, 2022, and look at the beginning of this lawsuit. It was reported by the Idaho Press that “St. Luke’s Health System filed a lawsuit in state court Wednesday on several counts against gubernatorial candidate Ammon Bundy, Diego Rodriguez, and related entities like the People’s Rights Network.” “St. Luke’s requested a jury trial and monetary damages of at least $50,000.”

Ammon Bundy and Diego Rodriguez were unresponsive to the lawsuit and didn’t show up for this court appearance. In most cases, we believe that the judge would be right in giving St. Luke’s a default judgement of $50,000 as requested by the plaintiff and that would be the end of it. Well, it is a year later, and this non-profit medical facility is now claiming 7 plus million dollars in damages. St. Luke’s claims the protest affected their operations causing them great financial harm by not being able to function in a normal manner.

Here is a video with commentary by KTVB news on the protest but what we ask you to do is to look closely at the video and the protesters, so you have an opportunity to decide if this was or was not a peaceful protest.

In our opinion, this was a peaceful protest and any additional security at the hospital was unnecessary. St. Luke’s is claiming that this peaceful protest caused the hospital to shut down for several hours and direct patients to alternate facilities for security reasons at great cost to them.

One has to ask the question was Ammon Bundy within his rights to protest outside of the hospital as a freedom recognized by the First Amendment of our Constitution, which protects the freedom of speech, religion, and the press and also protects the right to peaceful protest and to petition the government. We contend that this is a very good reason for Ammon to ask for a change of venue to a federal court if he is going to receive a fair trial as it is our opinion that he would not get a fair trial in the Idaho Court system. The liberal media and his accusers have already painted a picture of Bundy as an anarchist when in fact the only thing he has ever been convicted of is trespassing.

In our opinion St. Luke’s assertions would be more difficult to prove in a federal court of law. If you look at the videos of this protest, you will find as we did no significant signs of violent or challenging activities or behavior that would cause the hospital to shut down. Unfortunately, in our opinion St. Luke’s needed to prove a point that no one should ever challenge them, so they raised the stakes and decided to sue Bundy and associates for 7+ million dollars and asked the judge to have him arrested. It is these actions in our opinion that this was no longer a prosecution and became persecution. The simple fact that St. Luke’s has gone beyond the pale by requesting Bundy’s arrest and has already spent an estimated quarter million plus on legal fees speaks volumes about this looking more like persecution.

We have clearly seen in the past two years that corporations have taken on a much more actively aggressive role in dealing with not just the public in general but also with their employees. Think back to the corporate mandates that employees take the mRNA experimental vaccine for covid with many disregarding the religious right to refuse. This was a total disregard for individual rights under our constitution. Even our president issued executive orders for our military and others dealing with federal government contracts to take this vaccine or be punished with dismissal from their jobs. Many were fired or resigned from their positions and had little recourse even in the courts. With this in mind, we seriously doubt if Bundy could get a fair trial in Idaho’s court system. His move to have this case heard in a federal court has merit under the first amendment and we hope he gets a change of venue.

In conclusion, in our opinion, the charges against Bundy and associates may have once been considered legitimate prosecution with a $50,000 judgement but in today’s world, too many who stand up for their rights are pummeled into submission by large corporate entities in conjunction with the liberal media. If we lose our right to protest, we might as well be living under a dictatorship, and this is where the rubber meets the road. It often takes people like Ammon Bundy to be the tip of the spear when it comes to justice and protecting our constitutional rights.

In today’s world, there are too few that are willing to sacrifice in order to confront the oppressors who would have us submit to them without question. It is our right to challenge the authorities that we have elected to govern us. It is no different with corporations when we don’t like what they are doing we need to boycott them till they acquiesce just like Budweiser did with the anti-transgender backlash which dropped their sales by 20%. If we are to have the country that was gifted to us by our forefathers through Blood, Sweat, and Tears, then we must stand up for our rights or fall as one nation under God. I think back through our history to the Boston Tea Party members who were protesting the tax on tea. These men were also marked as anarchists, but it is because of men like these that we have the right to protest and question our government officials when we believe they are wrong. We tip our hat to Mr. Bundy and associates who are not afraid to challenge the authorities through peaceful protest.

Always remember, “We Get the Government We Deserve”.

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16 replies on “St. Luke’s vs Bundy & Associates – Persecution or Prosecution?”

I have done some research and there is case law that discourages the use of large amounts of paper for the obvious harassment of a party in a lawsuit. 10’s of thousands of pieces of paper have no other purpose than to harass, terrorize and intimidate a defendant in a controversy and we, the people, need to make that clear to our elected representatives, including judges, that these bullying tactics do not serve the ends of justice but make a mockery of justice.

Loren, can you send me a link to this case law? You can sent it to me on this page:

It is important that you understand this quote to understand the situation.

“The menace of communism in this country will remain a menace until the American people make themselves aware of the techniques of communism. No one who truly understands what it really is can be taken in by it. Yet the individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a [criminal] conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind simply has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.” [Emphasis mine]

Have you allowed government (organized crime/ satanic religion) to become your god?

THANK YOU, Bob! Great article. This is persecution, plain and simple. St. Luke’s wants to make an example of Bundy and Rodriguez because they don’t want anyone else to EVER stand up to them. This is typical of how government and NGOs operate when it comes to those of us who are brave enough to stand against tyranny of any kind. St. Lukes has unlimited financial resources and they believe that MONEY will buy them the ability to violate our Civil Rights. THEY ARE WRONG and it is my hope that Ammon Bundy will prevail in Federal Court, as he has in the past.

Anyone who understands the Constitution and Bill of Rights knows that Bundy is a champion of BOTH. He is as far from an Anarchist, terrorist and extremist as the East is from the West!!

It’s not money they need. It’s to shut up voices to prevent deeper looks into practices, ways and means; when brought into the sunlight warrant extensive investigations. Shutting down by persecuting voices of dissent and truth queries.

This is what big corporations with dubious big money do.

There’s trillions at stake.

Persecution by large corporations with money do it mostly for its the hidden agendas in tandem with institutions and governments. Abortion for one has been practised without knowledge or consent of parents in hospitals; where those who seek it know they can get it. It just wasn’t advertised. This is not far-fetched. There are real cases worldwide, and not limited to young children.

Take the lucrative dark practices of child genital cutting and surgery across cultures, sex, and gender; where focus on genital operations are widely argued to be both medically unnecessary and non-consensual.

Both the concept of medical necessity and the criteria for giving ethically valid consent to certain body modifications are not a matter of universal consensus. Rather, they are politicized, moralized, and contested with difficulty of drawing clear distinctions.

Child protective services under the guise of protecting children from abuse and neglect; effect dubious practices, manipulate and enable fake reports to force parents and guardians relinquishing control. Just another extension of global body parts trading, genital cutting and surgery across cultures, sex and gender.

Lucrative global businesses. All institutions, business, legal, political, scientific, or medical are NOT immune.

If you want to see EXACTLY what the protests looked like at the exact moment they shut down the hospital, we have video of it. When St. Luke’s when berserk and shut down the hospital, we knew it was a FALSE FLAG and that they would try to use it to make false claims (like they did). So when they shut the hospital down, I send my son-in-law around with a camera and microphone to talk to the people and to film EXACTLY WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE DURING THE “SHUTDOWN.” You can see the video on this page:

It is VIDEO 4 – Why Was St. Luke’s Hospital Shutdown During Protests?.

Maybe the daughter making more of an effort to get some parenting instruction, and taking baby to another pediatrician, instead of hiding and running away would have resolved the problem. Because of her actions, our Patriotic friend, Ammon has lost his home and everything he owned. He himself has young children, and has been treated badly by government prior to this incident. Instead the Rodriquez family manipulated Ammon to get involved and bail them out of a situation they created themselves. Seems the baby situation has been resolved, but now Ammon has lost everything he’s worked his life for. How does the Rodriguez family square that? And now what about Ammon’s family? My prayers are with Ammon and his family, he’s a good man that has been taken advantage of. Now who’s going to be able to fix that? Disgusting! Rodriquez and family ought to be ashamed.

Nikki, it is evident you are completely uninformed. There is literally not a shred of accuracy in any part of your commentary. Please be sure you get your facts straight before you comment or you end up looking and sounding like leftists who likewise make comments without facts. You appear well-intentioned and appear to want the best for Ammon, as do I, along with my family, and every one else paying to attention to the case; but your energy is being spent in the wrong places.

I don’t understand why patriot lawyers aren’t stepping up to help you. That video by itself would absolutely get the case against you and Ammon dismissed! It’s so well edited.

St. Lukes lost millions if dollars because they diverted patients to another hospital for three hours? WOW! Is that how much money they make in three hours of business?

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