The Spreading Epidemic of Tribalism in America

‘We will now have wealthy little Sharia compounds on Indian reservations’

“Officials in a small Montana town say they will have to disincorporate the community or declare bankruptcy over an ongoing dispute with the Blackfeet Tribe about water and utility service…lawsuits filed by the Blackfeet Tribe, Two Medicine Water Company and certain tribal members have had the same goal: to eliminate the Town of Browning by bleeding it financially dry, officials reported.” —Missoulian, Dec. 25, 2015

A similar fate once threatened the Village of Hobart, Wisconsin, and now threatens Shawnee, Oklahoma and many other communities. So what is the problem with removing municipal government for tribal government jurisdiction? Tribal governments do not allow non-tribal residents any voice in their government, and have no duty to protect or serve them. Tribes just want to tax, govern or chase non-Indians away. Rightful government of American citizens on Indian reservations is gone when states, counties and towns spinelessly give up.


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The Obama Administration has determined that integrating domestic tribalism (Native American Tribal governments) with Middle Eastern tribalism is good “economic development” for America’s Indian tribes. This chilling concoction and merging of tribalism bodes serious peril for America as discussed below, following a little background.

Serious and enormous escalation of tribal governance over non-tribal persons, businesses and properties is resulting in the removal of State authority and responsibility for its citizens. Citizens are losing their government when they succumb to bullying, name-calling, frivolous litigation, appeasement, and acquiescence to every tribal demand. The price is the loss of government that serves and protects you – the United States and State Constitutions.

Every Indian reservation is co-located within states, multiple counties and numerous towns. State, county and local jurisdiction has always been present on Indian reservations and remains so today. Among the 566 federally recognized tribes, some 340 Indian reservations are located directly within or near urban areas as well. Only two or three Indian reservations are predominantly populated with Indians. The vast majority of reservations are home to a large non-Indian population. Congress intended and fully opened Indian reservations to encourage settling of the West, and citizenship for Indians. That is the reality federal, state, local and tribal governments now find unacceptable.

Early Indian treaties executed by either the Department of War or Secretary of Interior served two people and two purposes: to provide land and protection for Indian tribes and to keep the settlers safe. Every Indian Treaty has a clause requiring open public roads through reservations, and a clause requiring Indians to “cause no depredation” (harm) to settlers. The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) originally looked to the well-being of all folks in the West, not just Indians until 1934. The Indian Reorganization Act was a paradigm shift for the BIA that from 1934 on, focused only on Indians, hired only Indians and facilitated expansion of tribal governance to the exclusion of state authority and citizen protections on reservations.

The Obama Administration poured accelerant into the expansion of tribalism with two recent, alarming policies: 1) President Obama decided that the nation’s public utilities, power and energy grid are good “economic development” for conversion to Indian tribal assets. Obama and Congress have funded billions of dollars out to tribes for transitioning major dams, energy corporations, and confiscation and control of water across the country. 2) Obama and Congress have determined that tribal government interactions with Middle Eastern countries is now a great idea for Indian “economic development” too (the Hearth Act of 2012).

Here’s how the perfect storm connects. Secretary of Interior Alfred B. Fall, served under President Warren G. Harding in 1921. Secretary Fall is notorious as the first Cabinet Member impeached and sentenced to prison as a result of the Teapot Dome Scandal. While he was Secretary of Interior, Fall implemented a policy for installation of water and power delivery systems in Western States to be located on and near Indian reservations. This was intended so that the federal government would always have a stronghold in water and energy in the newly formed states. A quick glance at any map will confirm the existence of major dams, nuclear and power sources located on or near Indian reservations in the West. Life in America was very different in the 1920s than since September 11, 2011. Fast forward from the 1920s to 2016, and the merger of domestic and Middle Eastern tribalism in proximity of our water and power grid is a true terrorism risk.


Domestic tribalism and Middle Eastern tribalism have shared cultural norms (communalism) and a common adversary: the United States. The White House views big Middle Eastern money (Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc.) tucked away on private Indian tribal “trust” lands as good for Indians and America. Tribal trust land is off-limits to all state and local government eyes. We should be extremely concerned. For the doubtful, visit the website to see how significantly America’s Indian tribes are being tracked and engaged. Just enter the search word “tribe.”

We will now have wealthy little Sharia compounds on Indian reservations to add to the 190 cities designated to receive Syrian refugees. Obama is polka-dotting the entire country with Sharia enclaves to enrich Indian tribes and reflect our generous heart for immigrants. Our blind, deaf and dormant Congress has held its nose and endorsed all of this.

Promises made by Congress to “Go West Young Man” were just as valid and perpetual as any promise made to Indian tribes. It was Young Man who built the first schools, churches, small towns, farms and ranches, all on the faith that Congress provided in Homestead and other Acts. Young Man built this country. For the past several decades, however, promises made to settlers and their descendants have been politically stained and reversed. America should not have sent Young Man West. Indian tribes want their reservations and “aboriginal lands” restored to their natural habitat. Every non-Indian should be shamefully sorry forever, and gone soon. The lack of appreciation for Young Man and coddling of tribal governments is chilling.

This is what pockets of apartheid now bolstered with more of the same from Middle Eastern countries are doing to America. This is what unequal, hyphenated-Americans and “cultural diversity” has created. “Americans” is a wrong and ugly word in its own country. I practice daily free thought, free speech and due process, and am keenly aware of my rights under the federal and state constitutions. I absolutely refuse to tolerate that my own citizenship in this country is denounced as inferior to that of any other American citizen.


We have a growing national epidemic but the impacts first strike locally, in one zip code after another, one town after another, one county after another. It is coming to your front porch.

State, county and local governments within Indian reservations absolutely must stand tall no matter the severity of well-funded special tribal governments funded by you, to defeat you. States must act as fully separate Constitutional Sovereigns on equal footing with each other, and independent of the Federal government beyond its enumerated rights. Most states are failing miserably in their behavior as a separate sovereign.

When viewed in larger context with the goals of the United Nations and Agenda 21, the mapping of these international travesties shows no identifiable states in the United States in the very near future. Spreading tribalism is a tool that is taking down states in cooperation with One World Order folks, socialism, communism and international control and governance of U.S. citizens.

Every single American, including tribal members living within or near an Indian reservation in 2016 must commit to “If you see something, say something.” We are either strong and equal citizens protecting ourselves and country, or the perfect storm is set to take us down sooner than we even know. Every citizen must rise above the muzzling of political correctness, and stand tall for private property rights, constitutional and civil rights. To do nothing consigns America’s demise that is already completely orchestrated and under implementation. It must not be too late.

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