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Speaking the Truth will get you Shut Down

Dr. Ryan Cole’s Contract Cancelled by Select Health

(Editors Note) The issue addressed in this letter is that it appears the insurance contract between select health and Dr. Ryan Cole was severed without cause.

Subject: Select Health Cancellation of Cole Diagnostic Contract

To: Director of Insurance Dean Cameron

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I hesitate to contact you informally regarding an issue that I believe to be egregious and outrageous. If before answering me, you believe a more appropriate and official chain of communication is required I respectfully request that you point me in that direction. Thank you.

Please feel free to share this e-mail with anyone that you think may be helpful. I trust your judgement in this regard.

I am extremely concerned about the State of Idaho’s coercive actions in trying to limit the practice of Dr. Ryan Cole and his LLC. Cole Diagnostics. Dr. Cole is a Board-Certified Clinical Pathologist from the Mayo Clinic with a special certification in virology. He is an Air Force Academy Graduate who served his country prior to pursuing a career in Medicine. There is not physician in the State of Idaho who in my opinion has stronger clinical and academic credentials.

Dr. Cole has disagreed publicly with many of the mitigation strategies put forward over the last 20 months by The Governor’s Advisory Board and several of the District Health Boards. He is not alone in voicing his concerns regarding these policies. World renowned physician, clinicians, scientists, and public health specialists have voiced the same concerns as we have moved forward in prescribing strategies for confronting the Covid pandemics. Dr.’s Scott Atlas and Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford. Dr. Marty Makary from The John’s Hopkins, Dr. Paul Marek—a Nobel finalist for his work on cytokine storm in viral infections at Eastern Virginia Medical School and over 50,000 physicians and scientists who have signed onto the Great Barrington Project’s recommendations regarding Covid mitigation and treatment — including myself and over 100 Idaho physicians should not be considered supporting “fringe. Faux or fake science”

Actions have been filed at the State Board of Medicine against Dr. Cole — 8 in number at last count, none of which are from patients, but rather from medical directors at Al’s/Luke’s, a CEO at Luke’s, and other physicians. None of the physicians or administrators filing the complaints has the bona fides or credentials that Dr. Cole possess.

In short Dr. Cole presents a scientific opinion and clinical data that is not consistent with the political narrative of many in the medical community and in government. He does so in a professional manner and backs his opinions with data. I personally and professional am almost in complete agreement with Dr. Cole’s analysis and recommendations.

My wife Lynn and I just received our booster vaccination, but it was with the complete understanding of the indications, risks, and therapeutic alternatives that were available to us. These are the exact words used in the “informed consent” documents that have been used by physicians since Nuremberg and that have been followed by Dr. Cole.

I do not believe Dr. Cole has not violated a “standard of care” or “a standard of medical practice”. Many of the people voicing such opinions are not physicians. Opinions in newspapers have been voiced by former Attorney General Jim Jones and by the CEO at St. Luke’s stating that the Medical Practices Act and Professional Practices Acts that exist today in Idaho Code, can be read to include situations beyond the doctor patient relationship, even though the existing Law is very specific in this regard. If the law needs to be changed then the legislature should change it, not a hospital CEO or a retired Attorney General writing an Op-Ed. The irony about their position would be if what they desire to be true — written opinions can be practicing medicine, then both are practicing medicine without a license even as they publicly opine.

A difference in “scientific based medical opinions” is nothing new and is in fact the norm. The only difference in this case is that the State has a vested interest in their position and so do the carriers and hospital networks. The only “radical” in this regard is the State using their coercive power against a private citizen and practitioner in a way that will severely impact his business and livelihood.

I look forward to your considered response,

John Livingston MD FACS

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17 replies on “Speaking the Truth will get you Shut Down”

Support Dr. Cole and admire him for his courage/integrity , the problem with some of these articles are they state facts that distress us all but rarely lay out ways that those of us that want to help change this injustice can help.

Want to change whats happening?????Vote the bastards out of office (Little, Bedke, etc!) anyone associated with IACI. That is the real reason this is happening.

OK, John Livingston MD FACS, stated he supports Dr. Cole and what he has spoken out about (with facts) by the way! The Livingston says “My wife Lynn and I just received our booster vaccination, but it was with the complete understanding of the indications, risks, and therapeutic alternatives that were available to us. These are the exact words used in the “informed consent” documents that have been used by physicians since Nuremberg and that have been followed by Dr. Cole.”
So, do you really support and believe Dr.Cole, Dr Livingston?

Yep. “Indications, complications and therapeutic alternatives.” A discussion rooted in the doctor patient relationship, not an edict from a commissar or agent of government.

Can you point me in the direction of the St Luke’s CEO opining about covid protocols? Recently, prior to the delta strain my father was admitted to one of his hospitals with covid. I secured a free experimental drug for my father after the hospital removed his ivermectin. The hospital delayed and delayed giving us an answer after taking an approach of giving us access to doctors but no influence. An attempt to pacify us. While they were pacifying it got leaked to us from a hospital insider in the ward my dad was in that the St Luke’s CEO was prohibiting doctors from doing anything more for covid patients than the CDC NIH recommendations. It’s my understanding that it’s illegal for non doctor administrators to direct patient care, or to tell doctors what they can and cannot prescribe. So I would like to see what the CEO is opining, because in my opinion he is responsible for a lot of needless death from Covid in Idaho.

It always amazes me how an individual is highly respected for their knowledge until such time their knowledge exceeds the knowledge of those who did the original respecting. Have seen this time and time again. There is no reason Dr. Cole should be targeted just as there is no reason any person that chooses to get the vaccine should be targeted for making that choice. There are plenty of pros and cons to these vaccines and all information is needed in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to take them. I’m not sure Dean Cameron will respond to this letter as he is part of the problem expressed about non-medical individuals making these decisions.

You are correct. Mr. Cameron, who I consider to be a friend, has chosen not to reply, and neither has the Director of DHW, just as my editor anticipated. Disappointing.

Dr Livingston:
As one of the few physicians left apparently with any integrity and ethics, like you, I am appalled at the corruption and/or ignorance by many in the healthcare community here and across the nation. I have a different opinion regarding the vaccine than you but I respect your choice and hope you haven’t made a bad one. I will NEVER take this “vaccine.” Regardless, I too would like to send an email to SelectHealth regarding this egregious and corrupt action against Dr. Cole. Would you be willing to share the email address or contact information for the Director of Insurance there?

‘Dean L. Cameron’

Thank you for your concern.

There are several hundred doctors in Idaho who share our views–at least they signed onto The Greater Barrington Declaration. A respectable number of them have corresponded with me via e-mail, because they don’t want to publicly disclose their ideas. “Freedom of Speech”?

Because I am retired, I can not be extorted or threatened like those who fear retribution on their practices or privileges. I am not afraid to speak out for the truth and to defend those with integrity and ethics still. You are welcome to email me directly if you would be willing to share Dean Cameron’s contact address so that I too can express my dissatisfaction with their action against Dr Cole.

Thanks Dave. So many e-mails from doctors who fear retribution either via the SBOM or through their employment or insurance contracts. If a doctor isn’t willing to stand up for themselves and the truth I am concerned if they can stand by their patients in a time of need. Should I do what is best for me or my patient? What did the Hippocratic oath say about that? I know many docs and nurses who are distraught, afraid, and angry. I wish they would stand up and support Dr. Cole publicly.

Couldn’t agree more. I am disgusted with what many ignorant and/or corrupt healthcare “professionals” have done to the practice of medicine. Many should have their degrees stripped from them for outright lying and contributing to the deaths of countless innocent patients by refusing to provide life-saving treatments. Sadly, if and when this is over, the trust in doctors and hospitals will be irreversibly damaged, I believe. I know personally that even as a retired surgeon myself, I wouldn’t step foot in a hospital right now voluntarily.

I can’t help but notice the nexus between the various non governmental health agencies’ exchange of money with the various decision makers regarding our public health. We as a state, a country, and as a people are moving away from self governance as outlined in our founding documents and more toward the administrative state. The State Legislatures need to start legislating and stop being lazy by deferring to their unelected cohorts. The ones that want to legislate are being overtaken by the rest. IACI and CDC among others are not found on a ballot, but the people are not off the hook either. I watched some wonderful hearings in the statehouse by some legislators that support this notion. But notice that the tyrannical members and causes they promote -education, for one-have a continuous session of meetings and public hearings and the other side does not. There exists an interest. It is apparent in how many show up to hear this side of the story.

I agree. Education is important, but health care is also. Both are dysfunctional from the government agencies to the administrators. 10 years ago, Idaho was a good place for kids to go to school and for people to go to the hospitals. Not anymore. By any standard both are getting worse. Thanks for the comments

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