Sounding the Alarm & How you can Fight Back

A Modern Day Paul Revere Sounds the Alarm

While the liberal media portrays Ammon Bundy as an antigovernment enemy of the state we found after speaking with him this week that he is just a liberty-minded American who is willing to stand for his rights. This man is no more radical than Paul Revere riding through town warning the British are coming. Ammon is not some radicle right-wing kook but instead a loving father and husband with a deep-seated Christian attitude. One has to ask why do government officials continue to paint this man as a radical when he has done nothing more than try to defend his constitutional rights as an American citizen. From the invasion of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada by the BLM, which ended in a mistrial with prejudice, to the 2016 occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge ending in acquittal, Bundy has been unrelenting in his quest to fight injustice.

Now Ammon finds himself embroiled again in a fight with the state of Idaho for trespass at the State House. His latest encounter with state officials was his required appearance in court this past Monday on trespass charges. He showed up for his trial but was not permitted to enter the court because he refused to wear a mask the judge issued an order for his arrest. Ammon officially objected to the wearing of masks at his trial by himself, the jurors or court officers and has sighted legal precedence for his request. A defendant should have the right to observe the facial expressions of his accusers the judge, prosecutors, and witnesses during a trial. This is vitally important in every facet of a criminal proceeding including jury selection. By the same token, it is just as important for those in the courtroom to see the facial expressions of the defendant. Furthermore, Idaho’s constitution Article I Section 13 provides that in all criminal prosecutions the party accused shall have the right to a speedy and public trial and to appear and defend in person and with counsel. (Zoom and Skype hearings are prohibited by this language).

Ammon Bundy is the Paul Revere of our time sounding the alarm that we as a nation are in danger of losing the rights granted to us in the documents written by the founders of our country. It appears that our government officials don’t think very much of our constitution as they are willing to dismiss its contents and change the rules as they go along. We can clearly see this as Governor Little continues perpetuating this emergency for no real reason except to get more federal money as we have no real pandemic? He is selling our constitutional rights for another billion dollars that our children will have to pay back. Once again folks it is our government that is the problem here and not the people. When will Idahoans get enough courage to stand up and say No More and get rid of the corrupt officials running our state? The mask burning demonstration at the capital is a good start but we as Idahoans need to do more.

Uniting the People

We believe that the governor and his cronies are worried about the “People’s Rights” movement that was started by Ammon Bundy. You can see the “People’s Rights” website here:

This has become a national organization that is growing by leaps and bounds. They could actually become a powerful force in the 2022 elections nationally and state-wide. You can bet all the eyes of the progressives are on this type of organization. The last thing Washington or Idaho wants is an organization like this upsetting their crony progressive agenda as this grassroots movement seems to have some real momentum. We urge anyone interested to take a look at their website and judge for themselves.

We visited this website and have determined that “People’s Rights” is a solid Christian group who choose freedom, order, humanity, and Jesus. To the left, they are considered a radical antigovernment movement who are nothing but trouble makers. It is easy to see if you have eyes that Christianity is under an all-out assault from the American oligarch regime, but why? They want to divide us against one another by race, political parties or any other means possible. They know if Christians unite they will topple this leftist regime that wants to take over our country and rewrite our constitution. Christians are still a majority in the U.S. but as we have said many times both on the air and in this publication. The left has been grinding away at Christianity for several generations and we see it in the decline of church attendance over the last few decades. They removed prayer from of our schools since the 1962 Supreme Court decision the first in a string of decisions that seemed to rule God and the Bible out of our public schools. During the pandemic, many government officials not only restricted churches from functioning but in many cases had them close their doors and in some cases, their pastors were arrested.

The progressives are trying to change our country into something that it was never meant to be and would like to do away with religion altogether. Christian Americas are now in a battle to keep their republic and the stakes are very high. Winning this war will take vigilance, and determination to find candidates willing to challenge these lefties and rhino republicans. Replacing them with Christian conservatives will be a real challenge. To win our country back it will take more than changing the politicians. It’s a good start to try and fix the system by offering conservative candidates up in elections but there is a faster way to win this war through economic pressures. I always say money talks.


Christians have fallen asleep or have been too busy raising their families to be involved with politics which has led to the current state of our nation. We are facing an all-out assault from a Rogue oligarch establishment and we need to start fighting back by using the economic power in our wallets. This is the most powerful weapon we have to fight back against these power-hungry progressives. Christians need to stop funding their own demise by pulling the cable plug and tuning off the new woke sports and media stations who are trying to turn this country into a socialistic quagmire. We need to stop spending our hard-earned money on companies that promote the new woke agenda like Coca-Cola and AT&T. We have to boycott those companies whose agenda is to rewrite our constitution. Every time we spend a dollar on their services or products we help them in their efforts to take over our country and way of life. Christians are also working against themselves by handing over all their information to big tech platforms and services. These platforms are a data mining farm that are working against all the principles we believe in,

Christians need to build their own economic community and stop giving these purveyors of socialism the means to take our country and our values down the road of socialism. Without our money funding them, they cannot survive but this has to be a movement of the people by the people and for the people. These corporations that pretend to care about us are only interested in how much power and money they can gain they don’t have the least bit of interest in the American Christian way of life. The left learned how to use economics to their advantage a long time ago by calling companies and telling them they will no longer by their products or patronize their stores. This is the way to win this battle and conservative Christians need to learn that they don’t need these purveyors of socialism who want to change our way of life. Wake Up America! Wake Up Idaho! You have the power to change what is happening. Stop financing the enemies and turn the tables on them. You have the power of the purse and you need to start using it.

“We Get the Government We Deserve”

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Your government was overthrown long ago. Anyone who is “liberty-minded” is an enemy of the State. The State is controlled by devil-worshipping communists, plain and simple. Study the ten elements/ planks of communism until you understand that all are in effect and have been for a long time. They are mostly legislated into affect.
Nothing will change until people understand that criminals control the show. You must understand this yourself first. Criminals cannot represent government!

Becoming aware of how each individual does inadvertently and unconsciously supports radical, anti-American agendas that oppose the individual’s freedoms and beliefs, through how and where we consume, is a powerful and frustrating awakening to have. Would one financially support planned parenthood directly, if one was opposed to abortion? Then why would you support any company that takes part of their proceeds to which you contribute and support the kind of corporation that opposes you?
There is an organization that checks behind the curtain of many companies to see where they send the money that you give to them and scores them based on conservative issues.
“2nd vote” is a resource to check your lines of consumption in the marketplace to allow you to determine if you will continue to support them or find other, less activist companies to give your money to.
Herein lies the frustration, because of how many companies you will find that are on the leftist, radical bandwagon. Vote your conscience, with your dollars, where you can.

Bang on good write-up. However, the lefty bureaucrats won’t hear a thing except the sound of our guns. To think otherwise is by now insane! This applies to all religions, all races, all the people to wake the hell up and do the right thing!
It’s all right in our faces that the country has been taken over by Jewish nazi communists for god sakes!
When is the time to stand up and take our country back? Next fake election, next year, next month, WHEN?
Too many folks care about nothing but themselves until it hurts them. By then it’s too frigging late!
I am pissed at the scam we have been through, but even more pissed that the people have done nothing but put up with it as if it didn’t exist! Something is wrong very wrong here!

Chris, really? Your blaming this on jews? You’re blind, Satan wants you to believe there is some “group” you can go get, there isn’t, it’s just him working with one evil individual at a time, and there you sit hating “them” when you need to focus on Him, our Lord, hating others will lead to Satan’s plan moving forward.

I suppose if one looks at communist sympathizers in the form of Chuck Schumer, Diane Feinstein , Richard Bloomenthal and then patriots like Barbara Streisand, he would be correct. However, lumping all into the same boat due to heritage doesn’t cut it.

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