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Slaying Idaho’s Leftist Dragon

If you want to slay the Dragon, you have to be willing to cut off its head. Only the voters of Idaho can wield that sword by cutting funding to those institutions that are at the forefront of the liberalization of our state.

We have been talking about the transition of Idaho for some time now. What used to be the reddest of the red states is turning a strikingly bright purple. If we don’t turn it around over the next several years, we are doomed to become just one more conservative bastion of this country that will say, “We never saw the bus coming ’till it hit us.”

As I have said, the colleges and universities in our state are the fertile ground for this new liberal leftist’s agenda with their diversification movement that has been going on for several years. I place part of the blame on our legislators, but it really lies in the leadership from the governor’s office, which is the seat of power for our state. Former governor Otter moved so far to the left in his last term that he began looking like a cowboy in drag. Otter had much to do with the forming of the left-leaning state board of education, so if we are going to point fingers, let’s start at the top.

Keep in mind, there are a lot of crony fingers in the hundreds of millions Idaho spends on education in our state. Idaho voters had an opportunity to take the road less traveled back in 2014 when Russ Fulcher came within 8 percentage points of beating Otter in the gubernatorial primary. We had a second chance in 2018 when Congressman Labrador lost the primary to now Governor Little. We lost two golden opportunities to correct the direction Idaho is going and lost them both to the crony political machine that has run this state Since Dirk Kempthorne was elected governor.

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When I listen to Doctor Tromp, the new president of Boise State, it reminds me of what I left back in N.Y.C. 27 years ago where I heard very much the same things about diversity. Diversity is not something new to our higher learning institutions, it has been a mantra going on for decades. This war cry for “equality” coming from the left continues because we as a people have become ambivalent but also complacent when it comes to knowing the people we are electing to office.

Parents and voters used to be involved in the choice of deciding who runs our public educational facilities but have since turned that job over to the bureaucrats. As concerned citizens, we need to reinsert ourselves back into the educational process if we want to change it. I continually try to wrap my head around the fact that we have gender-neutral bathrooms, new prayer rooms, and segregated graduations in our colleges.

When we complain about this diversity, the left screams at the top of their lungs that we are intolerant, racist, and biassed against minorities. I’m sorry, but the only diversification I want is in my stock portfolio. All of these diversity cries that are being brought up in the press are now going to be at the forefront of political discussions by our legislators, and it needs to come to a head. I for one am pleased to see some of our more conservative legislators bringing these issues up for discussion. These outspoken conservatives are the only ones fighting the new liberal factions that have infiltrated our colleges and statehouse.

They are going to be criticized and beaten up by the liberal media we have in Idaho and will need your support if they are to stop this radical movement to the left. If the people of Idaho really want change, let them show it with their political contributions and by turning out at the polls. I believe a line is being drawn in the sand and it will be up to the Idaho voters to decide whether to cross that line and take their state back or allow the libs to run them over and continue to steal their tax money and misuse it for their own purposes.

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