FreedomProject Media Breaks Sex Ed. Story in Idaho

Dear Friends,

I need to bring your attention to a shocking development happening in Idaho schools. The state Health and Welfare Department has backdoor-ed a program into Idaho High Schools to teach sex education. This is no birds and bees biological introduction to human sexuality or anatomy. If you were to show children some of the program’s content on a playground you would likely be arrested and charged as a sexual predator. This program was introduced in 18 High Schools throughout the state.

This is bureaucracy run amok and a typical example of how bureaucrats think they know more than you. So, by the power vested in no one, they plow along saving the world and your children from stupid people (you!). This usurpation of authority has lit the legislature’s hair on fire as much as the programs pornographic content and social engineering insinuation. Please let your legislators know how you feel about this unbridled passion and how co-opting school districts and the legislature, without consent or knowledge and without jurisdiction or authority, must end.

Thank you Rep. Barbara Ehardt for bringing this to the public’s attention. Thank you, Dr. Duke Pesta, for preparing this informative video. Dr. Pesta will be one of our featured speakers at the Idaho Liberty Summit in Challis this summer. Make plans to attend.

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Pass this along. It might horrify some of you to view the content but let me be clear, that is only one of the flagrant consequences of this transgression.

In Liberty,

There’s more idiocy to this breaking story. Just got this from Duke, he was going to boost the Facebook post but Facebook came back with this:

“This ad isn’t running because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies. We don’t allow ads that depict people in explicit or suggestive positions, or images that show nudity or cleavage—even if portrayed for artistic or educational reasons.”

What this means is that the video is still up and being viewed on Facebook, but they won’t allow us to run ads so that even more people can see it. This, of course, is highly ironic, because Facebook says those images are too graphic for public consumption, but Idaho schools are showing them to young children!

But, if anyone else forwards the video, Facebook won’t do any censoring. So, also ironically, if more and more of your groups and ours forward it, the more people will see it, and there will be no further censorship. Does that make sense?

In other words, get as many people as possible to forward and share the video.

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