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Senator Rice’s Proposal for Higher Sales Tax is Bad for Idahoans

Don’t Give up your Right to Vote No on School Levies

Well folks, as we said a week ago on the Kevin Miller show, expect the legislature to raise taxes but we never thought they would be so stupid as to try to do it this quickly but heck it’s not their money. Senator Jim Rice has proposed a 1% rise in the sales tax that would raise approximately $280 million a year to be used to phase out supplemental levies for school districts. He also says they would set aside some 30 million of this tax for relief of the grocery tax relief. Someone needs to ask the illustrious senator why we are not going to use the money that is raised from the internet sales tax to eliminate the grocery tax. Supposedly there is $35 million already set aside from last year and there could be another 60 to 72 million this year. Another bait and switch to increase what you are forced to pay our government for the unbelievable mismanagement of our tax dollars.

Here is another dumb idea from the brilliant people we have elected over and over again to run our government that will wind up costing the taxpayers more in everything they buy. This, my friends, is how they suck us in by making us believe that raising the sales tax will get rid of the supplemental school funding. This is one big joke because as soon as we allow them to pass this raise in the sales tax you will find the supplemental funding will cost more than before. Under current law, you have a say in how much government can spend of your tax dollars on education. If you allow them to pass the 1% increase you no longer have a say as they already have the money and can do with it as they please. Not only that but it will not even get rid of the grocery tax entirely so besides killing the lower-income families with another rise in the sales tax the grocery tax will be 1% higher.

Once they take your right to vote on how much can be spent on your schools through supplemental levies you will be at their mercy not just for a 1% increase in the sales tax but in 2 or 3 years it will be another 1% and another 1%. It will never end until we get rid of the cronies in our legislature and on our schools’ boards who suck us dry in the name of educating our children. Every time you allow the legislature to increase your taxes without cutting an equal amount of spending you are giving them more power. When was the last time one of our legislators suggested purging the bloated administrative staff in our school system? I will tell you they never have and no one is interested in disturbing the status quo for fear of angering the teachers union. If you don’t speak up you will never be heard and they will continue to rob you through taxation every chance they get.

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Parents and many teachers have been trying to get common core out of our schools since its inception with no success. I have personally gone after Common Core with a petition signed by 30 conservative organizations representing over 30,000 voters and presented it to the Chairman of the education committee 4 years ago only to be rebuffed and dismissed. We found out later that this chairman was in the pocket of the liberal Albertson Foundation and served on their board. Veritas has just exposed Common Core as nothing but a money-making scheme for the publishers bringing them in hundreds of millions of dollars each year.

If you don’t think that the politicians that keep the system in place are not getting some kind of a payback you need to take a much harder look. We know that Common Core or as they call it in our state Idaho Core is not doing what it was supposed to do and in fact, it is causing us to slip in rating nationwide. It’s time to tell our legislators to do a hardcore evaluation of this waste of taxpayer money and stop supporting bad teaching methods that cost way too much. Let’s spend our money on better teachers who are on the front line of teaching our children not more administrators who just cost more money and do little to improve our education system.

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