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Op-Ed: Security is an illusion and certainty is a mirage

It has been inaction rather than the actions taken by this governor that are endangering the rule of law and the fabric that binds us as a civilized society. Nothing this governor has done has provided any security let alone any certainty. If anything his sheep-like mentality has instilled fear into our citizenry and is destroying the spirit of our great state.

The facts unfolding before us now are clearly demonstrating we have been “had” by the politicization of life and death. Our elected leaders and our press have not sought the truth they have sought a political agenda hell-bent on tearing down our founding principles and replacing them with their overreaching edicts to override the divine laws our founders pledged their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor for.

If the governor wishes to live in fear of the unknown that’s his prerogative. I will stand with Patriots like George Washington, John Adams, Betsy Ross, Nath Hale, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, and the list goes on.

These heroes refused to live their lives in fear. When faced with the challenges before them they stood tall.

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I am reminded of a song entitled “The Ride,” By Chris Ledoux.

“Sit tall in the saddle, hold your head up high
Keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky
And live like you ain’t afraid to die
And don’t be scared, just enjoy your ride”

Stop politicizing life and death, stop telling people that death is the alternative to making a living, It’s like committing suicide because you are afraid to die. It is the beauty of recognizing our finality that one day we will die that makes our lives worth living. That’s freedom and our Constitution affords us this opportunity.

It’s how we are made; our founders understood this, they had their eyes fixed on the trail that leads all of us to freedom. The government does not have the right to block that path – it has a duty to protect these rights has granted by our creator and providentially spelled out in the Declaration of Independence and our national and state constitutions.

As a former elected official, it is what we are elected to do. Maybe our governor should reread the oath of office he took and look back at the battles fought and the men and woman who died for this cause. We are always only one generation away from losing our freedom and liberty. Our founders recognized their place in history and like them, we were born for this time and this place in history to carry on those truths we hold to be self-evident. This responsibility has been placed before us to accept or to cast aside. It is the challenge of every generation.

But if we walk in the Light of Truth we know the yoke is easy and the burden is light. And let us remember we stand on the shoulders of giants that came before us. What we pass on to the next generation will be our legacy. What that inheritance will look like is our choice and it is a battle we are asked to engage in?

There is no place for politics when we talk about life and the inherent right to live free. We do need to address the responsibility to the challenge before us and the duty to protect those who need to be protected.

So, “Sit tall in the saddle, hold your head up high
Keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky
And live like you ain’t afraid to die
And don’t be scared, just enjoy your ride”

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2 replies on “Op-Ed: Security is an illusion and certainty is a mirage”

Something more to support the aversion to this government over-reach and violation of our Constitutional rights. “? Molecular Geneticist & Science Advisor, Professor Dolores Cahill, Debunks Scamdemic.” Another viewpoint for those with an open mind.
If you are pressed for time, watch the first part for her credentials and work history. A fair conclusion starts around 58:08

It is getting increasingly difficult to tolerate the way politicians and the media have been lying to us through this commie flu pandemic. That is no way to build trust in a civil society. First, due to the hysterical, hair-on-fire reporting by the leftist media, people became scared to death. We were being told that being infected with commie flu is an automatic death sentence. Now we know that isn’t even close to the truth. However media and government continue with the scare tactics. The “mask” has become just a symbol to reinforce that fear. If that wasn’t true, there would have been a requirement for masks back in the beginning, just after impeachment failed.

People aren’t just getting frustrated and restless, people are getting PISSED. There is a lot of anger out there due to the way we are all being lied to.

I am in a leadership position in Idaho Light foot Militia. I am working hard to lead under the doctrine of “Pray for the best and train for the worst”. I do not believe that we are anywhere near the conditions that will make “gun play” necessary. However, it is getting increasingly difficult to “hold the troops back”. We still have an election coming up. I encourage heavy political involvement by individual members. I pray for a successful political solution to the current crisis.

Brad Little (whom I have heard referring to our rights as privileges in a speech) had better re-read the constitution and his oath of office, then adhere to them. That is the only way we can all get on the “same sheet of music”. The ball’s in your court, Brad.

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