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Is it time to say goodbye to our conservative Idaho?

Every day as I listen to the changes taking place in Boise, it becomes more obvious to me that our wonderful conservative state is being lost to the wave of liberalism sweeping over it. As little as 10 years ago, you would not have even needed the type of bill being introduced by Rep. Zito to protect children under age 18 from predatory practices masquerading as medical care.

Just look at the fact that the citizens of Boise have elected a new liberal mayor who is endorsing a candidate for president who is gay. I have talked about this time coming to Idaho for years, yet everyone was either too busy to listen or didn’t care enough to seek the truth. I believe the pendulum has finally swung past the halfway point. I can assure you that most of the people who have moved here to find asylum from liberal bastions to the east and west of us will be sadly disappointed as this liberal virus continues to spread throughout the Treasure Valley.

Unfortunately, we have too few legitimate conservatives in our legislature like Christy Zito, Heather Scott, and Priscilla Giddings who are willing to speak out about the injustices both morally and fiscally that are occurring every day in our state. The old guard do not really care about the people they serve. They have had their chance and have done nothing to fix these problems. They were only interested in lining their own pockets and the pockets of their lobbyist masters.

It’s no different here than what has happened in Washington D.C. where the old guard RINOs lined their pockets along with the liberals fleecing the taxpayers and robbing the government piggy bank until Donald Trump was elected. We don’t have a Donald Trump to save us in Idaho.

So while Representatives like Mike Moyle are trying to freeze the property tax, if only for a year, to give property owners on a fixed income some brief relief, crony republicans and lobbyists plan for his demise in the next election. This group plays dirty and until the people of Idaho are willing to get off their couches and fight these money-grabbing carpetbaggers at the ballot box, nothing will change.

We need fresh blood in our legislature and a governor who will worry more about the people of Idaho than how to placate the new-age liberals who are infecting the Treasure Valley with their free-spending liberal ideas.

Our conservative values are slowly but surely being eroded and it will take a herculean effort to stem this Blue tide washing over our state. To be honest, I’m not sure this liberal onslaught can even be stopped or turned around, but I pray every day that some brave conservative souls will step forward to run for office to stop this train wreck. As sure as the sun will come up tomorrow, these liberals will continue to try to put their liberal stamp on Idaho until we put up a conservative political wall high enough that they can’t climb over.

We have already seen the damage done to our country by the wacko libs. We have Bernie Sanders—a proclaimed democratic socialist—in the lead for the presidential nomination and a democratic controlled congress that has tried to impeach our president for no valid reason. We are not yet at that point here in Idaho, but when you see three democratic presidential candidates coming to Boise to try to garner votes, you can be sure Idaho is a target that is in their sights.

“We Get the Government We Deserve,” Unfortunately.

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There is hope. There is a movement of establishing Hillsdale college charter schools from the Barney Charter School initiative in Idaho. There currently is a Hillsdale School, Treasure Valley Classical Academy, in Fruitland, Idaho. Another board is forming in the Meridian, Idaho area as well as the Post Falls, Idaho area. I encourage you to find out where they are and support them in their efforts to bring these important schools to Idaho. Together we can raise up citizens of virtue and knowledge so that we can preserve our Republic.

We have the same thing here in Utah where the big city democrats have voted for Bernie Sanders because the party has no viable candidate. I pray that Idaho and Utah will both get a state Trump to vote for as well as for President.

We at the restore Idaho Alliance stand with you. We have been, watching the lobbyists take ober the government for years and now Idaho is under attack by the liberal virus. Laws being passed in the middle of the night, citizens not knowing what laws are being pushed with no notice what so ever. A so called governor who pass his pockets with lobbyists money such as AAA Insurance and MADD. Its time to stand up againat this so call “We worknfor you” liers and find true honest conservative people who will work for us.

In 1997 I left Idaho to start my new job in Az. but in 2012 I was retired because of health now I am looking for a home to live in back in my beloved Idaho because Oregon has fallen prey to Ca. landlords and they are draining us dry. The second part is Salem wants gun laws that will restrict my ability to protect my wife and myself as they believe that seniors don’t need that right. I will continue to search for a home to live in back in Idaho where maybe I have a fighting chance to finish out my years and help people understand they need to protect the rights of true Idahoan’s. The democrats would love to topple Idaho and money is poring in from many places look to control the freedoms of Idaho

I sadly agree that Idaho seems to be turning blue. However, from what I have observed, the REAL trouble comes from those legislators/power brokers who profess to be or have convinced the people that they are “conservative” (and may actually vote conservatively) yet work behind the scenes to destroy REAL conservative legislators or forbid good conservative candidates from gaining office. That does MORE damage than the left ever will and opens the door for the blue wave.

President Trump has been effective because he’s not frightened to take on the openly corrupt politicians in both parties.
Prior to Trumps election his political opponents & media claimed that he had no political experience. Trump responded by saying he had lots of political experience , he had been forced to buy numerous politicians in order to get his projects approved. Trump won the 2016 election because he was not a politician & vowed to voters that he would clean our political swamp.
Speaking of swamps, it hasn’t been that long since Idaho’s Legislative swamp refused to obey citizen’s overwhelming vote for Term limits & overturned our vote.. More recently just prior to Gov. Otter’s re-election he severed citizen’s public access to legislative records. Otter did this because he & legislators knew we were tracking their miss-deeds & that these records provided hard evidence of widespread political corruption & sellouts to the cartel of building industry lobbyists .
For over 10 years prior to Gov. Otter’s re-election the website host worked with Citizens For Annexation Reform to remove force from Idaho’s annexation law.. During those years board members attended legislative hearing on a regular basis while submitting annexation reform legislation that would replace force with voting rights for those effected by forced annexation takings. Idaho’s Forced Annexation law enables theft of citizen’s voting & property rights & allows the Development Industry Cartel Lobbyists to avoid paying millions in appropriate Impact Fees on their private business ventures, those millions continue to to paid by taxpayers through higher property taxes.
The website provided direct links to the Idaho legislature and contained legislative links that documented conflict of interest & widespread corruption directly related to Idaho’s unconstitutional Forced Annexation Law. The website also helped warn out of state citizens that property rights purchased in good faith were worthless in Idaho & how forced annexation caused our property taxes to escalate & be overly high.
In order to access legislative records now citizens must apply & pay to obtain a Court Order to obtain what now is considered ‘sensitive’ information. When legislative links were severed, the website became useless so was shut down.
America is facing it’s second revolution.. Treasonous democrat party leadership is driven to turn our nation into an open borders socialist sewer. Unfortunately a large percentage of our republican party legislators have become career thieves for lobbyists, they need to be exposed & ousted..
Patriotic Americans are fortunate that President Trump much like George Washington had the fortitude to step forward & lead . Hopefully there are enough of this generation of citizens who have the backbone necessary to stand with Trump & take our nation back.
The first step necessary to flush Idaho’s political toilet is to ‘demand’ citizen’s access to our Public Records be restored immediately. Public Records are key to gathering the corruption evidence necessary to document & promptly oust rogue public officials.. There will be zero resistance from honest public servants who respect citizen’s rights & have not violated their Oath of Office Contracts,, resistance will only from the swamp dwellers.

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