RINOs are Worse than Crazy Democrats

I remember when Halloween was the scariest night of the year. Now, it’s Election night. Shortly after of the election, transformations begin appearing among Republicans revealing people most of us should despise, RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) who are not honoring their oaths to our Constitutions, U.S. and state, and not taking their great GOP Party Platform seriously.

I suppose we should have feelings of wanting to pray for those lost crazies in today’s extreme socialistic Democrat party; whereas the feeling one conjures up for these RINOs is one of utter betrayal. Nothing hurts more than betrayal.

A democrat today is not the democrat of yore. Today, they are in our face with obstructionism and outright socialism and even admit it blatantly. For example, their beloved Maxine Waters outed the Dem’s socialist agenda way back in 2008 while threatening to socialize big oil.

I truly do feel sorry for the many Democrat Party faithful who proclaim they will always be a democrat strictly from a position of blind loyalty. They, unfortunately, are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. If only they would wake up and quit with big media fake news on TV and in print and watch Fox News and Fox Business, (the two Foxes may not be perfect, but they are clearly the best) listen to Rush Limbaugh and read original source vetted news in The New American magazine and at

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After considering the Victor Hugo quote ‘who among us is perfect,’ and recognizing that way too much legislation is purposely bundled with totally unrelated issues that will turn off even a guy with a superb voting record like Rand Paul’s, 94%, I suppose a fair line to be drawn to determine a tolerable voting record would be generous at 85%.

The average vote with our Constitution in the U.S. Congress for Democrats is 22.66% and the Republicans is 62.48%. That 22.52% difference to the 85% mark is huge for Republicans.

Having to cope with the true enemies of this great Republic, that the Dimms’ crazies have become, is one thing; but we should not have these sorry RINOs in place who are actually turncoats betraying our trust and our Constitutions doing the bidding of the Deep State establishment, known as the Council on Foreign Relations, clandestinely taking us away as a sovereign nation into a member state of a global government run by unaccountable, unelected power elitists who purport to know what’s best for everyone about everything: Pure socialism, which never has and never will succeed.

The two Princes of the RINOs has to be Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell (he is such a phony, he comes off like a pussy, acting like he cares about the filibuster and 60-vote majority, when our Constitution actually allows for a majority vote, 51 votes, in the Senate). They both should be removed expeditiously and the Senate vote returned to a majority vote.

Effective Republican patriotic leaders in both houses and the Senate’s Nuclear Vote, as the majority vote is nicknamed, would break the obstructionists Dimms’ deadlock on most of President Trump’s agenda and finally move this country forward… somewhat. But we still need dealing with our RINOs and especially the Never Trumpers!

I like Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House and Rand Paul for Senate Leader.

There is no end in sight for my level of disdain for Congressmen and Senators who are obvious, no doubt about it, RINOs. President Trump’s great track record makes the worst of them, the ‘Never Trumpers’ insurrectionists! America is begging for patriotic Republicans to replace these RINO betrayers.

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