Republican North Idaho PAC – Progressives by another Name

As I predicted we would start getting a bit more focus as we have even limited success in pushing a conservative libertarian message. In the posts Another progressive attacks the success of the American Redoubt and Chris Carlson authoritarian progressive attacks the American Redoubt I have come to believe that a lot of these people are involved one way or the other with a progressive political group called the North Idaho Political Action Committee (NIPAC). NIPAC has recently changed its name for the Idaho 2016 election cycle to Republican North Idaho PAC to confuse the voter. Make no mistake they are the same authoritarian progressives working inside the Idaho State Republican primary system attempting to elect the most liberal Republican possible. They oppose nearly everything the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF) does.

NIPAC / Republican North Idaho PAC are authoritarian progressives committed to the uncontrolled migration of people to Idaho, restricting the Bill of Rights including gun rights and taxing more. In researching NIPAC / Republican North Idaho PAC, I found out one of the most visible faces of NIPAC is a woman named Sandy Patano. I also found out that in the last election cycle NIPAC / Republican North Idaho PAC raised over $30,000 and endorsed twenty candidates for local and state offices. $30,000 is a lot of money in North Idaho.

Even though NIPAC raised the most money out of all political action committees in North Idaho, they have a terrible record getting authoritarian progressives elected at least in Kootenai County North Idaho. Here is a list of NIPAC / Republican North Idaho PAC Endorsements Partisan Races.

Kootenai County Primary / General Elections 2014

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LOST Treasurer: Laurie Thomas
LOST Clerk: Don Pischner
LOST Commissioner: Todd Tondee*
WON Senate 1: Shawn Keough
LOST House Seat 1A: Steven Snedden
LOST House Seat 1B: George Eskridge
LOST House Seat 2A: Fritz Wiedenhoff
LOST House Seat 2B: Ed Morse
LOST Senate 3: Pat Whalen
LOST House Seat 3A: Terry Werner
LOST House Seat 3B: Greg Gfeller
LOST Senate 4: John Goedde
WON House Seat 4A: Luke Malek
LOST House Seat 4B: Rick Currie
LOST House Seat 7A: Shauna Hillman
LOST/WON Governor: Butch Otter
LOST/WON Lt. Governor: Brad Little
LOST Secretary of State: Phil McGrane
LOST/WON Attorney General: Lawrence Wasden
LOST/WON Controller: Brandon Woolf

As you see, the NIPAC is much better at getting state-wide people elected. If these results are accurate, and I think they are, that is a remarkable 90% losing record. Four of the statewide candidates lost in Kootenai County but won statewide (LOST / WON). NIPAC seems to be the kiss of death for any local candidate associating themselves with authoritarian progressives. I wonder if that is a reason for the name change. Still you would think that by raising over $30,000 even progressives would be able to fool enough people to get more of their people elected. Well in looking around including reading several Letters to the Editors such as NIPAC: A losing record by Tony Walsilewski it appears to show over $16,000 that Sandy Patano, NIPAC / Republican North Idaho PAC raised actually went to “Range North West” a leftist marketing company for marketing and newspaper advertising; $2,500 for literature, about $7,000 for food and refreshments and only $2,500 went to the candidates. It appears that Ms. Patano like most progressives is a lot better at spending other people’s money and throwing parties than she is at doing the hard work of getting people elected.

In truth, all of this hate and discontent is because of you, not anyone else. You are the committed conservative libertarian who is active in their local community. You are the conservative libertarian working in your local communities defending the Bill of Rights. You are marching in the State capital or working in your local school boards in defense of Christ, life, liberty and the Bill of Rights. You are writing and talking to your neighbors. Watch for mailers from NIPAC / Republican North Idaho PAC mailers coming soon. Please remember the vote on Tuesday, MAY 17, 2016. It is less than a month away.

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