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Rep. Russ Fulcher Speaks about a Biden Presidency

This is an interview with Rep. Fulcher conducted by Bob “Nugie” Neugebauer on January 21, 2021.

What was your take on Biden’s inauguration?

The event was respectful of tradition, and President Biden’s theme of “unity for America” was good to hear. Unfortunately, the executive orders he signed immediately after being sworn-in and the urgent push to impeach President Trump for a second time, showed everyone that the President isn’t interested in “unity for America,” he is interested in “unity with the left.” The conservative voice needs to be heard and not ignored.

I’m curious were there many true conservatives attending or was it mostly filled with RINOs.

Attendance was sparse for a number of reasons and I’m sure the motives for participating were different for many. However, there were some good conservatives in attendance… not to celebrate Joe Biden, but out of respect for the office and peaceful transfer of power.

What do you think about his pulling the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and how do you think it will affect our energy policies under Trump?

The Biden administration’s policies on energy are among the most disturbing to me. Under President Trump, American energy production sky-rocketed, making our country energy independent, a net energy exporter, and the number one producer of energy in the world. That turbo-charged the economy and re-set the worldwide balance of power in America’s favor more than any other policy action. In an attempt to appease the far left (green new deal types), President Biden appears bent on choking back American energy production. As a result, America will once again become dependent on our middle-east enemies and suffer the economic penalties that come with it. Given unions are against the closure of the Keystone XL pipeline and they supported Biden, his willingness to shut down the pipeline shows how radical his environmental agenda could be.

Do you see more regulations being placed on fracking and oil exploration on federal lands and how do you think it will affect the cost and future of carbon fuels?

Nancy Pelosi refers to conservative republican members of Congress as “enemies of the state.” Fossil fuel producers will soon be referred to, and treated as such, by the Biden administration. I cannot stress enough how severe and far-reaching the negative consequences will be if we choke American fossil fuel production, but that is the direction we are headed. Fracking and oil exploration will be squelched, dependence on foreign producers will increase and so will oil prices. And unfortunately, foreign energy producers are (in general) less environmentally friendly than American producers. So not only will Biden energy policies weaken America’s position of strength, but they will have a net negative impact on the worldwide environment.

Do you think the Biden administration is taking on the look of the old Obama administration and do you think Obama will have much influence in the next 4 years?

Biden 1.0 will be Obama 3.0. President Obama will be immensely influential; either directly via personal counsel, or indirectly via Obama era bureaucrats.

Do you think that Biden will try to revive Obamacare?

President Biden’s healthcare policy stresses much more government control of healthcare. He has called for expanding Obamacare. The Obamacare insurance mandates are likely to return and be enforced. This is an opportunity for Republicans to push for choice, transparency, and flexibility for individuals and businesses. Idaho has been a leader here and we need to keep setting the example.

What are you expecting with his tax policy will he hit everyone across the board or just the corporations and high-income people?

The initial and stated “targets” of tax increases will be on corporations and individuals with higher incomes – but of course that means everyone will end up paying more in taxes. That also includes small businesses who file as individuals. The business income may be higher, but that doesn’t mean the owner is drawing a high salary. Targeting business and people in higher tax brackets discourage local investment and risk-taking, thereby removing opportunities for all. They have even discussed a federal tax on “appreciating assets.” With Idaho’s home values increasing, that will hurt middle-class Idahoans trying to recover from a closed down economy.

Do you think he will open the flood gates of immigration and tear down the wall?

Tens of thousands of immigrants started heading to America’s southern border as soon as it became apparent Joe Biden was going to be sworn in as President. Mr. Biden’s campaign promise to terminate work on the wall and not deport people – resonated as a clarion call to anyone wanting to come to America.

How do you feel about the reduction from 13 to 8 years for illegals to become citizens, and will he push for social security for illegals?

It is important to understand why the democrat party wants open borders – because that is how they grow their numbers. “New” democrats are not converted republicans or libertarians. Democrats appeal to those coming from other countries by promising them free stuff. Expect the Biden administration to champion any policy that makes it easier to enter the country and participate in American elections.

Will there still be an investigation of Biden’s son?

I believe the Biden family will eventually be investigated and the truth will become clear; and that Vice President Harris will be one of the driving forces to make it happen.

How do you think his policies will affect Idahoans generally?

Western states like Idaho will be impacted more than most due to the massive amount of federal land within their borders. The more federal land a state has, the less ability that state has to control its’ own destiny. Property taxes (a primary funding vehicle for state & local governments), is not an option, forcing more dependence on federal programs. So whether it is prices at the pump, healthcare costs, or access to resources, Idaho stands to get hit harder than most states.

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The second to last comment regarding Hunter Biden is the most interesting and unexpected for me but it makes total sense. I wondered why it was so easy to find out about Hunter’s and Joe’s long list of law breaking and immoral behavior. There is a candidate who ran and lost again during the last election, here in Idaho, who has totally scrubbed her history off the internet. In fact, we don’t even know if she is married, has been married, if it’s to a man or a woman, etc. I thought that it would be possible for the Bidens to scrub their history too but if that bad history helps Harris, it makes sense to keep it there.

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