Reject calls for an Article V Convention

Dear Friends & Patriots,

There is much behind the Article V movement that you must know. Called the Convention of States in many circles, the object is the same, to amend the Constitution of the United States through the powers under Article V of the Constitution. I believe this to be a very dangerous move and one that won’t solve any of the ills our government suffers. We are imperiled today from the lack of obedience to the Constitution and little else.

There are far too many questions and far too few answers as to how an Article V convention would proceed. The recent conflict with the move to over-run the Electoral College is a classic good example of the sorts of mischief one would certainly see during a Constitutional Convention. Who would you trust as a delegate? Would Idaho have equal standing versus the large population state of California or would the ominous will of the majority prevail as has been suggested in electing the President? Too much danger to risk in my opinion.

The Convention of States movement is powerful and is lobbying Idaho’s legislature hard to join the bandwagon. What deep pockets this national organization must have, to what end their ultimate reward? A balanced federal budget? Maybe, but many politicians quietly find cover in the current political haze that mostly obscures the functions of the Constitution? Is amending the Constitution our way out of the problems politicians and special interest groups have created? I believe a “Balanced Budget Amendment” as an example will likely not work considering all the moving parts our spending problem affords. What is the text of this Amendment that reveals such virtue, or do we have to agree to a Convention to see what’s inside? Heard that one before.

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The action to heal our economic, social and political woes is popular among many, made so by most of America’s conservative talk radio icons. Remember it was a populist majority that ran the 16th (income tax) and 17th Amendments (popular vote of Senators) through a hopeful but naïve public that blew a hole in the Constitution that has led to our current budget woes. How about that beloved 18th Amendment, Prohibition? Do 18-year-olds really have their wits about them and how many pay taxes I’d argue against the 26th Amendment? I don’t like jumping to solutions without all the facts and that is exactly why the founders made it difficult to make such amendments.

I have a few friends who believe a Convention of States couldn’t hurt and is a solution. I don’t mean to throw stones at conservatives, we tend to eat one another far too often. I am asking you to take the time to investigate the consequences. Please watch the very informative video link below about the Article V Convention, its history, and possible outcomes. The other link explains some of the arguments that surround the Article V from a historical perspective from the father of the Bill of Rights, George Mason. A good historical review regardless of your current affiliation.

Robert Brown’s commentary:

James Trimm’s commentary about George Mason’s thoughts.

Please call your District Representatives and Senator to let them know your concerns. Joining the Article V call for Convention is on the top of the administration’s priorities this year.

Your Legislators contact information is available at this link.


At the GOP Winter Meeting the first weekend in January, the Resolutions Committee will be voting on whether or not to send Proposed Resolution 2017 – P12 to the 2017 Legislature.The proposed resolution supports a measure to call for a Con Con at the Idaho State House. Resolutions Committee Members are: Region I; Ken Carter, Russell Lowry; Region II; Rebecca Crea, Mike Ryan; Region III: Machele Hamilton, Susie Alvord; Region IV; Sarah Jane McDonald, Vicki Keen; Region V, Mark Peterson, Lee Barron: Region VI; Dan Cravens, Ann Wheeler; Region VII; David Taylor, Robert Stoddard. Please give a call to any of these people you might know and voice your concerns.

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